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September 2011 Top Reads

Here are the top five blog posts for last month on The Wired Classroom — have you read them?

#1  To Establish Justice coming up
#2  The Effects of Media on Gender Identity Videoconference
#3  Cool Tools for Your School
#4  NEW! Library Media Specialist (LMS) Academy
#5  Cindy Lane and Tony Vincent will be at METC 2012

Technology Leadership Academy 2011-2012 Launches

Today was the first session of the 13th Technology Leadership Academy at Cooperating School Districts, although this long-term technology professional development is anything but unlucky! The group made up of 13 (!) educators from several public, private and parochial districts covered many things the first day, one of which is the TLA’s vision of developing technology leaders and improving teaching and learning through the integration of technology into the K-12 classroom.

Also during the first meeting in the tele, an iPad Boot Camp took place. During and after the distribution of the iPads, the TLA participants learned how to navigate the device; how to enter text; and they took a quick tour of the iPad while installing software and syncing it. (Martha Bogart and Stephanie Madlinger also shared the blog, learninginhand.com, from Midwest Education Technology Conference Featured Speaker Tony Vincent). Afterwards, they divided into groups and reported out on their favorite features. Lastly, during the Boot Camp, the Kindle app was downloaded on the iPad so they were also able to download the book Web Literacy for Educators by Alan November.

Podcasts for Your Classroom

Stacey Franks showed me this great website- www.learninghand.com– where you can find educational podcasts in all subjects from around the world. Very cool! Please take a moment to click around the website. Tony Vincent has put learninginhand.com together. Check out his blog, too, you’ll learn what he has been up to and what he has planned when it comes to handheld computing, podcasts, iPods and other mobile devices! As Tony says about podcasting, “Remember, you don’t need an iPod or handheld to be a part of podcasting–you can listen right from your web browser. Whatever personal device you may use to listen to podcasts, learning is certainly in hand!”