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November Mental Health Videoconference- Registration Open!

pill-pic.jpgNovember Mental Health in Children & Adolescents Videoconference

(K-12 educators & support staff) * 4 – 5 p.m. CST on 11/20/2007

 This videoconference is presented by Lynn Baer of BJC Health. Participants will connect to the workshop from their school over interactive videoconference. 

Teens & Prescription Drug Use: There is a new and disturbing trend that teachers, administrators, and parents need to be educated on.  Teens are now abusing prescription drugs at an alarming rate, which can cause serious health problems or death.  Learn about the reasons why teens are abusing prescription drugs, the types of medications teens are using, and how easy they are to access.  With increased knowledge about this trend, schools can help identify and guide students and their parents to some much-needed answers.  A question and answer session will conclude this hour-long videoconference.

Don’t miss out on this important session.  Reservations will be taken until Friday, 11/17/07- contact CSD to reserve your spot in this very popular series!  New Links members, this is free; for non-members, it is $50/site.