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Changing roles of Library Media Specialists

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The annual EducationPlus LMS Academy focuses on the changing role of the Library Media Specialist in K-12 education. This six-session long learning opportunity will assist LMS personnel in teaching and connecting the standards of AASL, ISTE and the NETS along with the Missouri Learning Standards.

Registration is now open for all library media specialists and those interested in media literacy in K-12 education who wish to grow their professional learning network. One session of the academy is a day at the Midwest Education Technology Community Conference, which has sessions dedicated to LMS and media literacy. Educators will examine problem based activities and lessons pertaining to web and media literacy, plus explore digital citizenship and literacy curriculum resources. Best practices in copyright and fair use are important aspects to the academy discussion.

All sessions take place on Wednesdays, from 4-7 pm at EdPlus (except for the full-day at METC).

2015 dates: October 7, November 4, December 2
2016 dates: January 6, February 10 (METC @ St. Charles Convention Center), March 2

Learn more and register here.

Focus on Customized Professional Learning

Customized LearningEducationPlus’ customized professional learning is developed specifically for your school or district’s needs, and is delivered at onsite at your facility. Click here to see fees for various levels of training opportunities. We’re excited to provide tailored professional development in:

• Classroom implementation of the Missouri Learning Standards
• Literacy and Critical Thinking for Non-Core Classes
• Media Literacy
• Technology Integration
• Curriculum Development
• Cultural Responsiveness
• Plus whatever may be requested

Program design includes assessing the needs of district; developing pedagogy; creating materials; establishing measurement tools as well as onsite facilitation. For more information on opportunities, visit www.edplus.org.

Developing a Vision of How to use Technology to Improve Student Performance

Martha Bogart leads the Technology Leadership Academy
The Learning Division’s Martha Bogart leads the Technology Leadership Academy morning discussion

The 2012-2013 Technology Leadership Academy, or TLA as we call it, continues today at Cooperating School Districts. Martha Bogart leads this year-long professional development, and during the course of the year, participants- from several school (districts)-  work on improving classroom use of technology; developing a vision of how to use technology to improve student performance; assessing strengths and needs of colleagues and the children they work with; developing a practical and useful technology plan; and focusing on leadership skills.

Kenneth Shelton and Lucy Gray will be at METC 2012

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be featuring the 2012 Midwest Education Technology Conference Featured Speakers. Up first we have Kenneth Shelton and Lucy Gray. The Virtual Learning Center and the METC Advisory Committee are really excited to have them be part of METC this year!

Kenneth Shelton holds a M.A. in Education, with a specialization in New Media Design and Production. Ken has worked as an educator for 9 years- he has earned teaching credentials in both Social Studies and Technology Education- he and currently teaches technology at the Middle School level. Ken is a Google Certified Teacher, an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Discovery STAR Educator, and serves on the Board of Directors for Computer Using Educators (CUE). During his presentations, he covers a wide variety of educational technology, technology integration, creative expression, and instructional design topics.

Lucy Gray is an independent education consultant, working with a variety of institutions on 21st century learning initiatives. She has served in various capabilities related to educational technology at the University of Chicago’s Laboratory Schools, Urban Education Institute and Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education. Lucy founded the Global Education Collaborative, a network for educators interested in project-based learning in 2007. Like Ken, Lucy has also been awarded the Google Certified Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator distinctions. Lucy’s many professional interests also include mobile learning, digital equity, information literacy, and the incorporation of social media technologies into educational settings.

And don’t forget to look for @k_shelton, @elemenous, and @METC_CSD on Twitter!

Enter Silly Billy’s World with Distance Learning

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Bill Dallas Lewis’
videoconference, Reading, Writing and Computer Graphics Fun, has been described by one educator as “a great reinforcement to the writing process as well as an excellent introduction to the students on how to integrate the computer with their daily writing and illustrating.” Sounds like a great mix of communications/language arts curriculum and technology integration, doesn’t it? Her class connected to Bill’s one hour videoconference entitled: “Program #1: Reading, Writing and Computer Graphics Fun with Bill Dallas Lewis.”

If you are interested in signing your class up for an interactive, international (Bill lives in Mexico!) distance learning experience, contact CSD. Visit here for more details on what Bill offers over videoconference. Your class can connect to him for as little as $150. Before each scheduled videoconference, Bill talks with participating teachers to personalize the content. He works with students in second through twelfth grade (but requests no more than 30 students per connecting group), and does teacher professional development… We’re thrilled here at Cooperating School Districts to continue working with Bill!

To see a complete list of all of Bill’s videoconference programs with CSD, visit the New Links to New Learning website.