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2015-2016 Edtech Academies

The LearningLab is pleased to share that we have returning plus new year-long academies in place for 2015-2016. Participation in each of these academies includes admittance to the 2016 Midwest Education Technology Community Conference in February for participants! To learn more about the content, dates (each starts in October 2015 and runs through March 2016) and price of each academy, please visit our calendar or click on the infographic below. Registration is now open!

2015-16 edtech academies

See You This Summer

Several instructors from this summer’s line up of edtech programming met today to share and collaborate. We’re really excited to have such a dynamic, diverse group of educators available to share their best practices within their professional learning network. Sessions include working in Google, coding in the classroom, downloading the right apps for your students and digital literacy. To learn more about what is being offered, or to register, visit edplus.org/summer_of_innova.html.

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Four-Day Tech Camp on Powerful Learning for the PreK-2 Educator

Powerful Learning for the PreK-2This four-day tech camp, Powerful Learning for the PreK-2 Educator, is designed for teachers, instructional coaches or technology specialists who work with early learners.

Come explore free online resources, create with web-based and app-based tools and plan tech-rich activities and lessons to use in your learning setting right away!

“Head counselor” Gail Lovely is a teacher and a learner. Gail has a degree in psychology from UCLA and her MS in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. Gail has taught learners from ages 2 to 82 and is passionate about learning with them as she teaches. She is known for her passion for technology as a tool and is known for her practical approach to education, her appreciation and admiration for teaching and learning and her skill at making the complex understandable and the difficult manageable.

Learn more about the agenda each day and how to register here.

Tech Camp Dates
Monday,  June 1, 2015
Tuesday,  June 2, 2015
Wednesday,  June 3, 2015
Thursday,  June 4, 2015

[To see who else is sharing their best practices this summer, click here.]

Shining the Spotlight on Exceptional Educators

Nominations and applications for Midwest Spotlight Educators open today! The 2016 conference marks the fourth year we’ve spotlighted educators whose practices are making a difference for students and teachers.

Spotlight EducatorsSpotlight educators receive special recognition and free attendance to the METC Conference. They also share their best practices in at least two sessions (see some of our 2015 speakers here). Those selected as spotlight educators must be a certified educator in [new states added!!] Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Tennessee must have completed the submission process and have extensive experience in edtech.

Educators who wish to be considered should provide two references and also produce a two-minute video that demonstrates their presentation skills. Learn more by visiting metcconference.org.

2009 tele classes

Cooperating School Districts’ technology professional development classes for the winter/spring 2009:csd-tele-center

Microsoft Office 2007 and Your Classroom
Using MS PowerPoint in the Classroom
Jan. 15 from 4-7 pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member
Using MS Word in the Classroom
Jan. 21 from 4-7 pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Transforming Learning with a SMART Board
$125 CSD member; $195 non-member
Day Classes (9am-4pm) Feb. 6 and March 27
Evening Classes (4-7 pm) March 2 & 3

Creating SMART Board Lessons to Engage and Motivate Students
March 23, (9am-3pm)  | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Transforming Learning with a Promethean Activboard
Day Classes (9am-4pm) Feb. 17
Evening Classes (4-7 pm) April 7 & 9 and May 5 & 7
$125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Boundless Learning with Videoconferencing
Jan. 13 from 4-7pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Wiki Your Way to a Classroom Website
Jan. 13  9am-12pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Elementary Classroom with Spreadsheets (Featuring MS Excel 2007)
March 4 & 5 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Empowering Students with Podcasting
March 11 & 12 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Classroom Projects Using Digital Photography
April 14 & 16 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Online “Street Smarts:” Being Legal, Literate, and Secure
Feb. 24 & 25 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Creating Technology-Rich Lessons to Increase Student Achievement
Apr 1, 8, 15 & 22 from 4-7pm | $259 CSD member $389 non-member

Macintosh Classes!
Using iPhoto in the Classroom

Feb. 10 from 4-7pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member
Using iMovie ’08  in the Classroom
Feb. 12 from 4-7pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

NEW! Beginning and Intermediate Moodle Training
(Choose one, or both!  The morning workshop is for beginners, and the afternoon workshop is a continuation, or for people already familiar with Moodle who want to delve deeper).
Moodle Basics: Using a Course Management System to Increase Teacher/Student Connections
Feb. 27 from 9am-12pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member
Intermediate Moodle: Creating Your Own Course

Feb. 27 from 1-4pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member