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iPhone and iPod Touch in classrooms

Flickr Creative Commons: juanpolChanges are taking place at the University of Missouri- including students receiving podcast versions of class lectures.

According to Podcasting News, “incoming freshmen in the School of Journalism will be notified over the summer about purchasing the iPhone or iPod Touch as the school’s ‘required media player.’

The devices will be used for podcast versions of lectures, which will be recorded and published with a new system being installed this summer.”

The Columbia-Missourian reports that Brian Brooks (associate dean of the Journalism School) said, this summer the entire University of Missouri campus “is installing a program called Tegrity which will allow the recording of lectures. Lectures can later be downloaded to media players through iTunes U which offers free content hosted by universities.

Brooks said MU is following other schools such as Stanford University and Abilene Christian University in the use of this technology. The success of the new program will be evaluated at the end of the year, at which time Brooks said the program will be changed or scrapped.”