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Contemporary History – Teaching 9/11

From August 3rd to August 4th, the National Museum of American History, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Pentagon Memorial Fund, and Flight 93 National Memorial will offer a free online conference called September 11: Teaching Contemporary History. Designed to provide for K-12 educators with resources and strategies for addressing the terrorist attacks, the conference will include roundtable discussions with content experts and six workshop sessions. These free workshops will highlight resources available at each participating organization, provide background information on 9/11, and encourage conversations on how to document, preserve, and interpret recent history and current events. For more information, visit http://smithsonianconference.org/september11.

You can also join educators from the National Museum of American History (Thinkfinity content partner) in a discussion about teaching 9/11 at the ten year anniversary. This group is hosted in conjunction with the September 11: Teaching Contemporary History online conference.

Coming up Next Week…

“Native Americans” via the Smithsonian and Center for Puppetry Arts has proved to be popular lesson this month- I have several connections set up for next week with Francis Howell elementary schools! Through the Smithsonian, students will take a close look at sculpture, painting, works on paper, and photography (both by and of Native Americans) in an effort to enforce key historical concepts dealing with Indian history and culture. Students will be asked to analyze the artworks in order to understand how the image of the American Indian changes based on the viewer’s conception. With the Center for Puppetry Arts, they will learn about different Native American cultures. Students create their very own Hopi Kachina Hand Puppet. Activities focus on three Native American cultures (Eastern Woodlands, Plains, Southwest), the use of natural resources from the different regions, and how these resources shaped their lives in regards to clothing, shelter and even transportation. Students also discuss Kachinas and the Hopi culture in general during this hour long program.

The Lee Richardson Zoo is also getting some attention; lessons on Birds of Prey and Animals on the Prairie are lined up, too.

What topics do you want to cover in your classroom? New Links to New Learning members, contact me, and I’ll help you find the right videoconference for your curriculum!

start thinking about next semester!

Teachers, start thinking about what kinds of videoconferences you’d like to do after the winter holidays. What units of study are you covering?  New Links members, don’t forget that you don’t have to request a specific program with me; I research topics on your behalf.  Think you’d like to participate in some of the free programs offered by government agencies- NASA, NARA or the Smithsonian?  So do a lot of other teachers- they fill up fast!