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Science Lessons Via Videoconference from the Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis

The Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis will continue to offer videoconferences through New Links at Cooperating School Districts during the 2011-2012 school year. Robert Powell has conducted two distance learning events regularly for the last few years from CSD: The Body in Space and The Day in the Life of an Astronaut. In January of 2011, to mark the shuttle disaster, he also dedicated a day to “Christa’s Lessons” over interactive videoconference.

To learn more about the CLC-St. Louis science lessons through New Links, contact Program Coordinator Rebecca Morrison.

end of the year – all over the country

 The end of the school year is wrapping up in the next  few weeks, and so are the videoconference requests.  Remember, New Links teachers, content providers are  available during the summer, too!! Camps, summer  school  courses, PD, I can help you get connected. 

The next two weeks, however, are very busy with programs.  I see Carolyn Lesser every day this week! Center for Puppetry Arts, NASA, Lest We Forget, Bill Dallas Lewis, Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw are all on the schedule. Little Green Monsters in Texas! Jiminy Crickets in Michigan! Next week has those videoconferences as well as more Butterflies from Atlanta, storytelling from Indiana, and Waiting in the Wings from New Jersey.

Want to add to my list? Contact me at rmorrison@csd.org.