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Aim for SLU’s Videoconferences

Saint Louis University’s AIMS program- that’s Adventures in Medicine and Science– provides distance learning presentations through a state-of-the-art high definition videoconferencing system. The AIMS Virtual Anatomy Classroom provides hands-on interactive field trips designed to enhance any science curriculum.

AIMS was recently honored for the third consecutive school year with a Pinnacle Award from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration for distance learning programs. This award, presented annually, is based on teacher evaluations submitted through the CILC website and recognizes outstanding performance by a content provider.

There is a limit of 3 classes (90 students) to allow for ample opportunity for discussion and questions during videoconferences, which cost $250 each.

Ray Vollmer (above) presents on several topics, including:
• Anatomy of the Eye/Pig Eye Dissection
• Anatomy of the Human Brain/Sheep Brain Dissection
• Anatomy of the Human Heart /Pig Heart Dissection
• Mr. Bones
• Teen Nutrition
• Health General Cadaver Demonstrations
• Forensic Autopsy Cadaver Demonstrations
• Sports Medicine Cadaver Demonstrations

FREE Professional Development for Elementary and Secondary Science Teachers!

CSD is pleased to offer St. Louis area schools participation in the Boeing Grant project for the 2009-2010 school year. The focus for this year of the grant is on elementary and secondary science, and we are thrilled to have Matt Kuhn, a STEM (METS in Missouri) expert from McREL who will present the 2-day workshops.

All the classroom teaching strategies are researched-based and will equip teachers with new techniques to engage and motivate students to higher achievement. Dr. Kuhn’s presentations will be practical with hands-on practice for the participants and he will emphasize integrating technology in the science curriculum. There are 25 spaces in the 2-day elementary workshop and 25 spaces in the secondary 2-day workshop. First come, first served.

During this two-day workshop you will:

  • review the scientific inquiry process
  • explore web resources to support each step of the inquiry process
  • use a variety of probes and digital microscopes to support scientific inquiry
  • plan how to use technology to support scientific inquiry in biology, physics, chemistry, and earth systems.

This workshop uses the scientific inquiry process endorsed by the National Science Teachers Association as a framework to integrate technology into the science classroom. Participants will engage in a variety of hands-on activities within each of the five steps of the inquiry process, including web resources, software, digital microscopes, and a variety of scientific probes. Examples will be presented in each of the steps of the inquiry process specific to biology, physics, chemistry, and earth systems. Participants will receive a workshop manual and CD to refer to both during the workshop and when they return to their classrooms.

Dates/Times: Elementary science teachers: November 10 & 11; Secondary science teachers: November 12 & 13; 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day (hour for lunch on your own)

Location: The Principia School, 13202 Clayton Rd. St. Louis, MO 63131

Note: You must bring your own laptop that can connect wirelessly to the Internet provided.

*If you would like to attend the workshop, but not agree to the deliverables (see comments section), the cost will be $200/person.

Questions? Want to register? Contact Karen Vaughan at kvaughan@csd.org.

Enhance any science curriculum!

Lisa Suggs and Ray Vollmer
Lisa Suggs and Ray Vollmer

Cooperating School Districts and Saint Louis University’s AIMS program have worked together over the past several years- you can see Lisa Suggs and Ray Vollmer at the Midwest Education Technology Conference later this month, in fact.  AIMS provides really great health and science videoconferences for students in elementary school through high school. From the website:

“AIMS (Adventures in Medicine and Science) provides distance learning presentations through a state-of-the-art high definition video conferencing system. The AIMS Virtual Anatomy Classroom provides hands-on interactive field trips designed to enhance any science curriculum.

The AIMS distance learning programs will be broadcast in high-definition. Please contact Ray Vollmer at 314-977-7377 to arrange your programs on most Thursdays and Fridays at Central Standard time.”

Topics that AIMS covers include: Teen Nutrition and Health; Organ Transplants; Pig Heart Dissections; plus more. This school year, they added a high definition videoconference system into the winning formula! If you haven’t participated in an AIMS videoconference, you’ve missed out. There is time left this school year to book a program! Don’t delay! (And New Links members, you get a discount)…