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Bullying Prevention: Building Your Response Team

stirlingIn Bullying Prevention: Building Your Response Team, Bill Brengle former assistant principal, Fox High School, shares the strategies that move staff & students to reduce bullying actions in their school culture on January 30th at Granite City ECC Conference Center in Illinois.

CHARACTERplus‘ Diane Stirling (pictured) facilitates the discussion and table-work that universalizes the components of this school’s success so that you can adapt it to your school, including:

•  identifying your core response team
•  bringing all staff on board
•  addressing adult/staff bullying behaviors
•  defining harmful actions with student input
•  surveying students and leveraging the results
•  involving student leadership as a catalyst to compassion and culture change

This half-day workshop is free for CHARACTERplus members and is $100 for non-members. For questions on this workshop, or any character education professional development offered by Cooperating School Districts, contact CHARACTERplus. You can also see more of their programs by liking facebook.com/CHARACTERplus.

Integrating Character Education into Academic Learning and School Culture

Today Diane Stirling is conducting another CHARACTERplus Ten Essentials of Character Education professional development session. Participants in this full-day workshop collaborate on consensus-building, integrated lessons, class meetings, and service learning planning. Techniques demonstrated throughout the workshop translate to classrooms, staff meetings, student governments and leadership, PTOs, school boards, and community alliances. This workshop is one of three required for Basic Certification in Character Education. The other two are Character Development & Education with Dr. Marvin Berkowitz and Effective Methods, also with Diane Stirling.