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2-Day PD Event: Response to Intervention in Middle and High Schools

Cooperating School Districts Learning Division is excited to share that on June 13-14th, Dr. William Bender will guide middle and high school leadership teams in developing implementation plans for implementing a Response to Intervention framework. This event at the Brentwood Conference Center covers options for universal screening and progress monitoring in reading/math at the middle and high school level, scheduling options for Tier 2 and 3 interventions, delivering brain-friendly Tier 1 instruction, and development of a workable, practical model for each individual school.

  • Given the wide array of school reform initiatives over the years, RTI, when implemented with integrity, stands alone in delivering dramatic enhancements in student achievement across the board.

As a teacher, Dr. Bender worked in a junior high school with students with disabilities, and after completing his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina, he taught for many years at Rutgers University and the University of Georgia. He will share and discuss RTI models from departmentalized schools, video examples, and case studies from middle and high schools that will assist schools over the long-term to develop their own RTI implementation plan. Team planning time will be provided for planning, coupled with Dr. Bender’s input. Post-event planning with Dr. Bender is provided, such that, as schools develop their RTI plans after this event, they will have access to Dr. Bender’s direct input during the implementation process.  As a leader in the RTI field, Dr. Bender has written more books on RTI than any other author in the world- participants will receive a copy of Dr. Bender’s most recent book, Response to Intervention in Middle and High Schools.

Registration deadline: May 30, 2013 or until registration is at capacity; $150 CSD Members; $190 Non-Members. Fee includes lunch, book and materials.