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Auschwitz: The Past is Present

This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Taking place in Poland on January 24-27, 2015, Auschwitz: The Past is Present marks 70 years since the camp complex was liberated. The joint effort from The USC Shoah Foundation – The Institute for Visual History and Education and Discovery Education.  The program is designed to promote a deeper understanding of 20th century history and its continuing relevance, hone digital literacy and critical thinking skills using real-world applications and audiovisual testimony, and inspire action against racism, intolerance, and prejudice and the suffering they cause, according to its website.

Educators are invited to enter a contest for an opportunity to travel to participate in this event. According to Shoah and Discovery, you could be chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime professional development experience designed to deepen your historical understanding, develop digital and media literacies, and teach you how to effectively integrate testimony across your curriculum.  Click here to read through the steps carefully to the review application questions and video requirements. Contest ends October 3, 2014.

There is also an opportunity for students through a virtual field trip: “hear firsthand from survivors and witnesses returning to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and engage in a meaningful dialogue about history and its relevance today.”

Visit www.pastispresentauschwitz.com for more information.

Cultural Responsiveness Workshop: Essential Principles

Educators know they must be able to effectively teach students that are culturally different from them. To become effective in areas related to race and culture, adults must understand both teacher actions and perceptions that get in the way of creating a culturally responsive classroom environment. EducationPlus invites you to join other teachers and administrators to better understand and implement culturally responsive teaching practices in the classroom that support all children learning.

In this half day workshop on April 24, Dr. Charles Pearson will cover topics including current theory about race, racism, privilege, internalized racism, culture, and other essential concepts related to the impact of race and culture in the classroom. Participants will be equipped to move from a fear of dealing with challenges of race to acting in an “anti-racist” manner as they interact with children of various cultures. Dr. Pearson’s doctoral work focused upon factors that lead to success in African American academic achievement initiatives in schools. He served as a Curriculum Coordinator, Principal and Assistant Superintendent.

Register online to participate in this important discussion.


Since our videoconferences with the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum were such a hit at last year’s Midwest Education Technology Conference, we’re bringing James Yasko back- virtually, that is, to St. Louis, MO from Cooperstown, NY. He’ll present two sessions during METC, which runs January 26-28, 2009. Here’s what METC participants who step up to the plate will learn about:

Economics | “You mean a hot dog only cost 10-cents in 1929, and a World Series ticket was just $5.50 in 1940?” The varying worth of money is the basis of this lesson for teaching students how baseball history reflects American economics since the early 20th century. During the interactive videoconference, students analyze the ever-changing value of a dollar.

Cultural Diversity | “For starting pitchers we have two Dominicans, one Italian, one Mexican, and one Japanese. In the bullpen we have a Venezuelan, a Mexican, a guy from the United States, and a guy from St. Louis.” Tommy Lasorda made this statement while managing the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1999. For over 100 years the game of baseball has created many opportunities for players from around the world – showing the “National Pastime” to be more culturally diverse than ever before. The melting pot of cultures within baseball, however, does not come without hardship. Racism, discrimination and cultural differences combine to make life difficult for players of all backgrounds. But the game takes on unique flavors worldwide as players, fans, and cultures come together at the ballpark, leaving many of their differences behind.

Why the BBHoF at an Education Technology Conference? Baseball is used as the platform to help students discover standards-based objectives in diverse topics like mathematics, geography, civil rights, women’s history, economics, industrial technology, communication arts, and more! Learning and artifacts abound in this hour long virtual visit to one of America’s premier education destinations. Choose any of the 16 thematic units and participate in a live, interactive videoconference lesson with a Museum educator. Last year, one participant noted of James’ session “good idea! Relevant material and a demo of tech!”

Can’t wait until METC to see a BBHoF v/c? You can sign your class up at: http://education.baseballhalloffame.org/experience/videoconferences.html.

Need to register for METC? Visit: http://www2.csd.org/csdrpdc/metc2009/registration.html.

Collaboration Request

This is an international videoconference collaboration request that has come from one of my middle schools.  I love the idea!  I hope Wydown is able to find a partner school…

Time – 8:30-10:00am CDT  /  Dates – Week of March 24, 2008 – Available April 14-28, 2008
‘I would like to speak with students in France about racism today – I’m thinking specifically against North Africans, who immigrate to France. Since the 7th graders are wrapping up their study of the Holocaust & WWII, I want to show them the movie Au revoir les enfants, which is about the French resistance, and then have a discussion with a school about the current status of racism in France.

Les élèves de Wydown Middle School à St. Louis, Missouri, cherchent un collège en France avec qui on peut parler du racisme qui existe en France aujourd’hui. Nous avons fait une unité du Holocauste et les juifs en France, et maintenant on veut parler avec les élèves français au sujet du racisme, spécifiquement contre les nord-africains. Les élèves américains ont 13 ans.

I’d like to do 2, 45-min conferences starting at 8:30am CDT and lasting until 10am CDT: Nous voudrions deux vidéoconférences qui commencent à huit heures trente (8h30) et qui durent 45 minutes (la deuximeme va commencer à 9h15).’

Wydown Middle School
6500 Wydown Blvd.
Clayton, Missouri 63105

what New Links classes have coming up-

from Challenger Learning Center website

Here are some ways St. Louis area schools are integrating videoconferencing into their curriculum at the end of January-

Malden High is learning about Animal Classification from the Toledo Zoo; Independence Elementary is participating in Chemistry Capers and talking about Who wants to be an Astronaut; Independence is also going to start to Celebrate China. Lafayette High will be learning about the Anatomy of a Human Brain and how to make Rustic Bread! Parkway North will be discussing Racism NOW with GNG. New Links members, what do you want to do? Let me know!