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Technology Integration in the Classroom Podcast

The latest podcast offered by Cooperating School Districts features the Virtual Learning Center’s Director, Ruth Litman-Block, on the topic of Technology Integration in the Classroom. Past issues covered include High Cost of Fuel and its Impact on Education and School Reform.

Future topics include Preparing Students for the Global Workplace and Public Education and the U.S. Political Landscape. For additional information or to request a specific topic to be covered, contact Kathleen Woehrmann at kwoehrmann@csd.org. To listen to all of CSD’s podcasts (or to subscribe to them), visit “ABOUT US: PODCASTS” on the CSD website, www.csd.org.

Are You Ready for the ACT and PSAT?


Now that the school year has started in St. Louis, I can tell from my blog stats that more people are looking up ACT and PSAT prep classes. Cooperating School Districts offers both this fall over interactive videoconference in a partnership with The Princeton Review. The registration deadline is Monday, September 8! For each class (series) to run, at least 50 participants are needed from all participating sites. For more details on each class, like practice test days, class dates, and fees, please click here.

Some figures from The Princeton Review to note regarding our classes:

  • ACT Class: When students attend all of the program sessions, take all of the practice tests, & complete all homework the average score improvement is three points.
  • PSAT Class: Public Missouri High School PSAT Score analysis:

    • Test 1 to Test 2: average score increase 12.1 pts; equivalent to 121 scaled SAT points.
    • Top 50% average score increase: 21.6 pts; equivalent to 216 Scaled SAT points.
    • Public Missouri high school students who completed The Princeton Review PSAT Clinic averaged of 12.1 pts higher on the PSAT, and the top 50% of student scoring 21.6  points higher, which is equivalent to an SAT scaled score increase of 216 points.

Don’t delay in inquiring about this possibility in your (child’s) school! We need to get class rosters and the technical information set before the classes start. The first ACT class is September 22 and the first PSAT class is October 2. It is also important to remember that we do not recommend students take the ACT prep course and the PSAT prep course at the same time, as techniques, tips, and tricks for both tests are different.

Education Today

The Wired Classroom and Can You Imagine? are no longer the only blogs coming out of Cooperating School Districts! Education Today is the CSD blog that covers timely education issues and information about our organization’s programs and services. Categories in Education Today include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Education & the Global Workplace
  • New Initiatives for Schools
  • Technology Integration

Follow this link to CSD’s new blog.