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The Thirty-Second Candidate: Political Advertising on Television

Check out this videoconference opportunity from the Paley Center for Media in New York – The Thirty-Second Candidate: Political Advertising on Television. This class for grades 9-12, and uses the Paley Center’s collection of political advertisements from the past fifty years to illustrate how candidates attempt to win the hearts, minds, and votes of the American people. Students will focus on techniques of political advertising, target audience and demographics, how advertising conveys leadership, and the role of policy in campaign ads. All sessions are interactive, with guided discussion designed to encourage active observation and critical thinking. Vocabulary words are also provided, along with pre and post connection lessons.

Videoconference classes are sixty minutes long, unless otherwise noted, but can be modified to accommodate class periods. For the most effective learning experience, the center recommends that the class size not exceed 40 participants; cost is $125. New Links members, contact Rebecca Morrison if you are interested in participating in this videoconference from the center, or another. Not a member? Contact the Paley Center directly.