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U.S Department of Education Recognizes 13 States & 40 Districts Committing to #GoOpen

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The U.S. Department of Education announced the launch of 13 statewide #GoOpen initiatives committed to supporting school districts and educators as they transition to the use of high-quality, openly-licensed educational resources in their schools. This inaugural cohort of #GoOpen states joins leaders from an expanding number of #GoOpen districts and innovative platform providers in setting a vision and creating the environment where educators and students can access the tools, content and expertise necessary to thrive in a connected wold.

“Openly licensed educational resources can increase equity by providing all students, regardless of zip code, access to high quality learning materials that have the most up-to-date and relevant content,” said Acting U.S. Education Secretary John King. “The leadership, mentorship, and collaboration of these #GoOpen states and districts are critical, not just to grow and sustain this movement, but to transform our schools.”

States and districts were recognized for their leadership by the U.S. Department of Education at the #GoOpen Exchange, a gathering of state and district leaders and innovators from education technology companies and nonprofit organizations working together to help educators transition to using openly-licensed educational resources. At the event, several education technology companies unveiled new platform features that enable the integration of openly-licensed educational resources into their platforms and sharing between platforms via the Department of Education Learning Registry so teachers and schools will have access to these materials no matter where they start their search.

“States are powerful collaborators in supporting and scaling innovation. They can connect forward-thinking educators, share effective ideas widely, and amplify successes,” said Joseph South, director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education. “With the launch of statewide #GoOpen initiatives, states are helping districts transition to a new model of learning by facilitating the creation of an open ecosystem of digital resources that can increase equity and empower teachers.”

Openly-licensed educational resources have enormous potential to increase equitable access to high-quality education opportunities in the United States.

“Switching to openly-licensed educational materials has enabled school districts to repurpose funding typically spent on static textbooks for other pressing needs, such as investing in the transition to digital learning,” said Andrew Marcinek, Open Education Advisor at the Department.

The #GoOpen Exchange was made possible by the generous support of Amazon Education.

For more details on #GoOpen commitments made by states, school districts, and technology companies, visit http://tech.ed.gov/open.


Do you Moodle?

moodle class

Two of the courses  we teach in the technology enhanced learning environment (tele) are Moodle Basics: Using a Course Management System to Increase Teacher/Student Connections and Intermediate Moodle: Creating Your Own Course. moodle class

Today Martha taught both- basics this morning, and intermediate (will be) this afternoon. During the morning session, participants learn and set up various features of this powerful course management open source software. In the afternoon,  they dive into the advanced features and have time to practice them. There is lots of hands-on time provided to create sample classes and organize them. We’ll be offering more Moodle training, so make sure you check out our tele classes: www.csd.org/tele.

Moodle Mania!

Today Martha is teaching both Moodle Basics: Using a Course Management System to Increase Teacher/Student Connections and Intermediate Moodle: Creating Your Own Course in the tele.


Fall and spring tele courses will soon be announced, so Missouri and Illinois teachers, if you missed these Moodle courses and want to participate next time, please check back here at The Wired Classroom and at the tele website. To learn more about Moodle, (a free, open source course management system that aids educators in creating online learning communities), visit http://moodle.org/.

August 1st Moodle Classes

Not only does the Virtual Learning Center utilize Moodle with our tele classes, we teach Moodle classes in the tele! Here are the details for the Moodle classes later in the summer:

Moodle Basics: Using a Course Management System to Increase Teacher/Student Connections
Aug. 1,  9 am-12 pm | $63 CSD member; $89 non-member 


Intermediate Moodle: Creating Your Own Course  
Aug. 1,  1-4pm | $63 CSD member; $89 non-member 

MOODLE BASICS: Heard of Moodle, but don’t have a clue what it’s all about?  This workshop is for you!  Come find out what this powerful course management system is, how to use it as the one stop website for your class, and how to get your own for free.  Participants will have an opportunity to see how other teachers are using Moodle, and try their hands at setting up various features of this powerful course management open source software.  This is for beginners with no prior knowledge of Moodle.

INTERMEDIATE MOODLE: Already familiar with Moodle and have a pretty good idea how it works?  Now it’s time to practice developing your own course.  Learn the advanced features of this open source course management system and have time to practice them.  Lots of hands-on time provided to create your own sample class and organize it the way you want.  Prerequisite: Moodle Basics class OR prior knowledge/use of Moodle.

To sign up, go to www2.csd.org/tele. You will receive a confirmation letter about two weeks before your class runs. If you do not get a letter, call CSD and ask for Joan Forrest: 314-692-1259.