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Safe Surfing in the Online World…

…Understand the Internet while learning online safety techniques!

NEW! Understanding Your Digital Footprint
June 10 | 8:30 am-3:30pm
$149 CSD member; $189 non-member (One Grad. Credit Available)
Do you know what type of digital footprint you are creating? Anyone using the web and mobile devices leaves a digital footprint. We teach our children how to be safe within the physical community, but what about safety norms for communicating in this highly digital age? Class time will include:

  • Discussion about social networks
  • Resources for using the Internet
  • Tips on guarding your identity
  • Netiquette and posting information to the web
  • Creating a code of conduct for your digital presence

NEW! Cyberbullying In and Out of the Classroom
July 6 | 8:30am-3:30pm
$149 CSD member; $189 non-member (One Grad. Credit Available)
Technology + 24/7 + Bullying = Cyberbullying. That’s the formula for the newest bully on the block. Learn what a cyberbully is, why kids become cyberbullies, how the cyberbully target can protect him/herself, and how schools/districts should address this issue. Online resources/lessons and suggested student projects and activities will be shared. Time will be allotted to begin developing your student project.

NEW! Web Literacy for Educators
July 21  | 8:30am-3:30pm
$149 CSD member; $189 non-member (One Grad. Credit Available)
Today’s students must know how to find, evaluate and utilize electronic resources. However, do our students know how to validate information found on the Web? Too often, information published on the Internet is viewed as truth, but is it really? Also, what about copyright? Do students have the legal right to copy and paste information from a website into their multi-media presentations and/or their own documents and websites? This class will include:

  • Reading URL web addresses to find their hidden meaning
  • Locating owners of websites
  • Conducting an efficient and effective search
  • Evaluating the validity of a website
  • Investigating fair use as it applies to student-created digital documents
  • Locating and using new Creative Commons sources
  • Recognizing the intent of a website

RoundTrips & MOREnet Present Internet Safety VC 2009

mouse and keyboardThere is no doubt we now live in an “Internet Age.”  At the click of a mouse, you can e-mail hundreds of people simultaneously, buy that long-desired vintage automobile, or create a personal profile to share with the world.  With unlimited opportunities, cyberspace may well have become the new “final frontier.”  How best can we explore this frontier?  How can we minimize risk and maximize safety?  How can we help students be secure in their Internet activities?  These are important questions, and we invite you and your students to participate in this important discussion over videoconference with RoundTrips.  Students will interact with a variety of experts in the field including Joe Laramie, Director of Missouri’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and they will also have the chance to share with each other as well.

Topics in this free distance learning opportunity include online predators, cyber-bullying, identity theft and other Internet-related issues.  “This is such an important issue – it is absolutely critical for kids, parents and community members to be on the same page with regard to online safety,” said Randy Raw, Manager of Network Security at MOREnet. “The Internet is a fantastic learning tool, but like any tool, people need to understand what the risks are and how to use it safely.”

This topic is popular, and interactive videoconference space is limited so contact RoundTrips early to enroll your students!

Date:    Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Times:  11 to 11:50 a.m. CDT, 12 to 12:50 CDT, 1 to 1:50 p.m. CDT
Grade Level:  6-12