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Looking through Magic Glasses

Magic Glasses
Taking a critical look at the 6 elements of digital storytelling.

Ten lucky high school teachers in the St.Louis area are spending the day with Bernajean Porter, national & international collaborative staff developer.  Today’s workshop is part of the ARRA Grant written by CSD‘s Virtual Learning Center staff.  Five history teachers from each district,  Ritenour & Ferguson Florissant are creating digital stories.  This morning teachers are empowered to critically look through magic glasses at the 6 elements of a good digital story.
As part of the grant, the participants will be creating digital stories with one of their classes next semester.  Each teacher has also provided 3 lesson plans that integrate technology.  These plans have been evaluated using several criteria including the Grappling’s Technology & Learning Spectrum, MO 4th Cycle MSIP, DOK, and McRel’s Researched-Based Instructional Strategies.  One of the goals of the grant is that there will be improvement of understanding and implementation of each of these areas.