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Upcoming MS Office and Google Classes

The EducationPlus Support Staff Academy now offers technology classes designed to meet the needs of education support staff by offering MS Office and Google Drive PD. Click on the image above to learn more and to register.

MS PowerPoint 101 + Tips & Tricks Workshops

We are offering new classes for Support Staff –

These tele classes are specifically focused on the needs of school support staff.  We invite you to come learn new skills or spice up your existing skills in new ways.  Have fun while learning practical applications and finding new, free tools to make your job easier!

Here’s what’s lined up in September – more are to come throughout the school year.

MS PowerPoint 101
September 7, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
$75 CSD member; $89 non-member

Don’t know anything about PowerPoint?  This training is for you!  Come find out how to create multi-slide presentations that use different layouts, graphics, and text.  Learn the basics about constructing PowerPoint presentations that engage the audience and convey your message.  No prior PowerPoint knowledge required.

Intermediate PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

September 7, 12:30-3:30 p.m.
$75 CSD member; $89 non-member

Already know the basics of PowerPoint, but want to jazz up your presentations with style and pizazz?  Come learn how to create presentations that use animations, charts, graphs tied to Excel spreadsheets and Word Art in this half-day workshop.

PowerPoint Class

Ppt Today was the final day of our week of MS Office classes. Ellinder had a full class of K-12 educators interested in learning more about PowerPoint and implementing it into their classrooms. This afternoon, they’ll learn how to design student PowerPoint assignments that require higher order thinking skills  and then examine assessment methods that will help them grade these student assignments!

June MS Word and MS Excel Classes

Microsoft Office 2007 and Your Classroom – practice ideas for using MS Office in your classroom and learn skills at the same time. Here’s what we have lined up this June at Cooperating School Districts:

Using MS Word in the Classroom
8:30 am- 3:30 pm on June 29
$138 CSD member; $214 non-member
(One Graduate Credit Available)
MS Word is a powerful word processing program that helps teachers create lessons, tests and letters.  Students can use it for creative writing, basic reports or research papers.  Learn the basics along with more advanced features such as inserting graphics, clip art, and spreadsheets, transforming text to html, and word art.  Participants will also plan a lesson activity incorporating the use of Word such as having students create bookmarks that persuade readers to read the book.  Learn how to help students create newsletters and brochures, and how you can create easy to use worksheets with imbedded hyperlinks that can help support your students as they create their own projects.

Using MS Excel in the Classroom
8:30 am- 3:30 pm  on June 30
$138 CSD member; $214 non-member
(One Graduate Credit Available)
Learn the basics of creating a spreadsheet, making a chart from your data, formatting a spreadsheet and printing all or parts of it during the first half of the class.  Then, find out how to design spreadsheet assignments for your students that require them to enter data, apply formulas, and graph and chart their data, such as graphing probability from coin tosses.  This technology tool is great for teaching about the different types of charts and graphs and how data can be manipulated to look one way or another. Walk away with great lesson ideas that use spreadsheets to teach complex mathematical concepts in motivating and fun ways!

2009 tele classes

Cooperating School Districts’ technology professional development classes for the winter/spring 2009:csd-tele-center

Microsoft Office 2007 and Your Classroom
Using MS PowerPoint in the Classroom
Jan. 15 from 4-7 pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member
Using MS Word in the Classroom
Jan. 21 from 4-7 pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Transforming Learning with a SMART Board
$125 CSD member; $195 non-member
Day Classes (9am-4pm) Feb. 6 and March 27
Evening Classes (4-7 pm) March 2 & 3

Creating SMART Board Lessons to Engage and Motivate Students
March 23, (9am-3pm)  | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Transforming Learning with a Promethean Activboard
Day Classes (9am-4pm) Feb. 17
Evening Classes (4-7 pm) April 7 & 9 and May 5 & 7
$125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Boundless Learning with Videoconferencing
Jan. 13 from 4-7pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Wiki Your Way to a Classroom Website
Jan. 13  9am-12pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Elementary Classroom with Spreadsheets (Featuring MS Excel 2007)
March 4 & 5 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Empowering Students with Podcasting
March 11 & 12 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Classroom Projects Using Digital Photography
April 14 & 16 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Online “Street Smarts:” Being Legal, Literate, and Secure
Feb. 24 & 25 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Creating Technology-Rich Lessons to Increase Student Achievement
Apr 1, 8, 15 & 22 from 4-7pm | $259 CSD member $389 non-member

Macintosh Classes!
Using iPhoto in the Classroom

Feb. 10 from 4-7pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member
Using iMovie ’08  in the Classroom
Feb. 12 from 4-7pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

NEW! Beginning and Intermediate Moodle Training
(Choose one, or both!  The morning workshop is for beginners, and the afternoon workshop is a continuation, or for people already familiar with Moodle who want to delve deeper).
Moodle Basics: Using a Course Management System to Increase Teacher/Student Connections
Feb. 27 from 9am-12pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member
Intermediate Moodle: Creating Your Own Course

Feb. 27 from 1-4pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member