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Author Visit Archive Available

Click on the image below to get to an archived session of last Tuesday’s videoconference with author James Otis Thach on this book, The Seal Pup.

Thanks to Connie Coy at MOREnet for assisting with the streaming and recording of these author visits from Cooperating School Districts’ New Links program.

James Otis Thach – Connecting Near & Far

Look for more photos coming later today from the wonderful videoconferences from author James Otis Thach live at Cooperating School Districts! We thought this image was too great not to share right away. This is Kelsey, a young viewer from Texas. She, like the other children connecting to today’s VCs, learned from James how he became a writer, who and what influenced him, and heard him share the first chapter of his book, The Seal Pup. We will have a link to an archived session of his morning videoconferences by tomorrow- and we will definitely share it!

Author Visit Videoconference and Live Stream Tomorrow

Cooperating School Districts’ distance learning program, New Links, is pleased to announce the return of author James Otis Thach for a few videoconferences- and a live stream of the morning events (courtesy of MOREnet)– tomorrow at both 9 and 10:30.

James is a Missouri native and the author of A Child’s Guide to Common Household Monsters, The Tickle Monster is Coming and his latest, The Seal Pup. This will be the fourth time James has videoconferenced live from CSD; he will read from his book, The Seal Pup.  The story follows the quest of a lone seal, trying to reunite with his herd. James will also talk about the true story than inspired the book, and about the long journey of making a book.  James will also share related videos, and invite the kids to use their research and library skills to find the documentary the book is based upon. This event’s target audience is elementary students.

Click here 10 minutes prior to the event to access the live stream. It is suggested you test your players using the Test Stream option at the top of that page prior to logging on for the event. Thanks to James Otis Thach and MOREnet for helping bring this event to students everywhere! Questions? Contact New Links Program Coordinator Rebecca Morrison.

2011 MOREnet Instructional Technology Conference

Going to Tan-Tar-A for the 2011 MOREnet Instructional Technology Conference next week?

Be sure to check out Stephanie Madlinger on Sunday talk about Discover the Buzz About Discovery Education during her bring your own device precon. Did you know that Discovery Education has over 250,000 online resources? Learn how to make the most of their offerings with Stephanie. 

On Monday at MITC, see Rebecca Morrison & Nancy George collaborate with MOREnet’s Connie Coy and HEC-TV LIVE!’s Tim Gore & Helen Headrick on videoconferencing and webconferencing. Learn how integration of different protocols can be accomplished with affordable technology available today. We will also discuss how to seamlessly weave these options into your classroom to provide the best benefit to your teachers and students.