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Apple Recycling Program for Education

From Apple In Education

Apple will recycle your school’s old, unwanted Mac computers, PCs, and qualifying peripherals from any manufacturer — for free.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll need to register by September 2, 2011. You must recycle a minimum of 25 items in order to participate.

Apple will accept all brands of the following equipment: computers, monitors, laptops, printers, fax machines, scanners, desktop-size copy machines, CD drives, hard drives, TVs, VCRs, projectors, overhead projectors, networking equipment, cables, keyboards, and mice.

Leveraging the Apple Recycling Program for Education ensures that your retired equipment will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, with special consideration given to data security:

  • All recycled hard drives are ground into confetti-size pieces.
  • Customers receive a certificate of destruction for each lot recycled through the program.
  • All asset tags and other identifying information are destroyed.
  • All of the electronic waste collected through the program is processed in North America.

For more detailed information including packing instructions,
visit http://www.apple.com/education/recycling/.

Technology Enhanced Learning Environment Summer Classes

We’re ready to be rid of this wintry weather! How about you? We’re thinking ahead to this summer, in fact- our summer TELE schedule is now up & registration is available. Remember, we have a duel-platform lab, so you can take the class using a Mac or a PC!

2009 tele classes

Cooperating School Districts’ technology professional development classes for the winter/spring 2009:csd-tele-center

Microsoft Office 2007 and Your Classroom
Using MS PowerPoint in the Classroom
Jan. 15 from 4-7 pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member
Using MS Word in the Classroom
Jan. 21 from 4-7 pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Transforming Learning with a SMART Board
$125 CSD member; $195 non-member
Day Classes (9am-4pm) Feb. 6 and March 27
Evening Classes (4-7 pm) March 2 & 3

Creating SMART Board Lessons to Engage and Motivate Students
March 23, (9am-3pm)  | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Transforming Learning with a Promethean Activboard
Day Classes (9am-4pm) Feb. 17
Evening Classes (4-7 pm) April 7 & 9 and May 5 & 7
$125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Boundless Learning with Videoconferencing
Jan. 13 from 4-7pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Wiki Your Way to a Classroom Website
Jan. 13  9am-12pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Elementary Classroom with Spreadsheets (Featuring MS Excel 2007)
March 4 & 5 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Empowering Students with Podcasting
March 11 & 12 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Classroom Projects Using Digital Photography
April 14 & 16 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Online “Street Smarts:” Being Legal, Literate, and Secure
Feb. 24 & 25 from 4-7pm | $125 CSD member; $195 non-member

Creating Technology-Rich Lessons to Increase Student Achievement
Apr 1, 8, 15 & 22 from 4-7pm | $259 CSD member $389 non-member

Macintosh Classes!
Using iPhoto in the Classroom

Feb. 10 from 4-7pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member
Using iMovie ’08  in the Classroom
Feb. 12 from 4-7pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

NEW! Beginning and Intermediate Moodle Training
(Choose one, or both!  The morning workshop is for beginners, and the afternoon workshop is a continuation, or for people already familiar with Moodle who want to delve deeper).
Moodle Basics: Using a Course Management System to Increase Teacher/Student Connections
Feb. 27 from 9am-12pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member
Intermediate Moodle: Creating Your Own Course

Feb. 27 from 1-4pm | $68 CSD member; $102 non-member

Movie-Making at CSD


Today was the final of three days in Movie-Making in the Classroom: Creating Digital Stories and Photo Essays (June 23, 24 & 26 in the tele). Martha & Stacey taught the class, and Karen Montgomery was on hand. Participants had their choice of using Windows MovieMaker (PC), iMovie (Mac), or PhotoStory 3 (PC) to create their movie.

Apple & tele

Teachers, don’t forget that in July the 
Virtual Learning Center is launching tele classes created especially for Apple users! Each half-day, hands-on, interactive class (held at Cooperating School Districts) will examine one application. Come learn about all the innovative things you can do on your Mac- and how to apply it in your classroom!

Course options (take one, or take them all, or anywhere in between):  

  • Using iPhoto in the Classroom and Using iMovie ’08 in the Classroom, both on July 22 
  • Using GarageBand 3 in the Classroom and Using iWeb in the Classroom, both on July 23
  • Using iDVD 6 in the Classroom and Using Leopard in the Classroom, both on July 24
For course descriptions and details, go to www.csd.org/tele. You’ll also find registration information there.                

(iWeb & iPhoto images taken from my iMac using Grab utility).