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The Pedagogy and Production of Media Literacy

Julie Smith during small group discussion at Media Literacy Week 2012
Julie Smith during Media Literacy Week 2012

The Education Community Engagement Committee of GMLP is hosting the Gateway Media Literacy Partners Mini Conference: Pedagogy and Production at Cooperating School Districts on June 7 from 7:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.

St. Louis educators Don Goble (Ladue School District) and Julie Smith (SIUE and Webster University) will keynote this event, followed by two different session times (9:30-10:20 and 10:30-11:20) with various resources, programs, and ideas shared from area experts in the field media literacy and K-12 education, like:

•  Bill Bass, Parkway School District
•  Linda Dougherty, Northwest School District
•  Mitch Eden, Kirkwood School District

In addition, a media panel will also participate in the discussion from 11:30-12:10. Those participants include:

•  Jasmine Huda, KMOV
•  Alvin Reid, Nine Network, 101 ESPN

GMLP strives to empower citizens to think critically about media messages. Anyone who wants to learn more about media literacy, and network with local media literacy educators and professionals is invited to participate the Mini Conference.

Preregistration is requested by May 24; seating is limited to 60 attendees. Cost for event is $10 (cash) at the door, which covers breakfast and printed materials. For questions regarding the Pedagogy and Production Mini Conference on Media Literacy, contact GMLP ECE co-chairs Rebecca Morrison or Mary Pat Gallagher. Cooperating School Districts is an institutional member of GMLP.

The Science Behind Weather Forecasting

flickr creative commonsWe’ve all watched the local TV weatherperson & wondered just what they do to create the forecast they give us. What equipment do they use? What kind of training do they need? How do they determine when conditions are ripe for certain types of storms, whether temperatures will rise or fall, whether or not they should break into TV programs to provide a breaking weather update? What is the science behind forecasting?

Join HEC-TV Live! on April 4 to interact with St. Louis’ KTVI Fox2 meteorologist Chris Higgins to take a tour of his weather studio and find out what goes into creating a forecast.  The program will focus on two very different spring days of actual St. Louis weather—one with clear skies and temperatures in the sixties and one where conditions produced dangerous storms and tornadoes.  How were the forecasts created?  What technology was used to follow the changing weather conditions on that stormy day? What conditions forced the announcement of a tornado watch and later a tornado warning?  How does Mr. Higgins read that Doppler Radar and pinpoint where the tornado is located?  How does he take what he has learned and translate into understandable language for every TV viewer?  Enroll in “The Science Behind Weather Forecasting” videoconference by March 28 to find out the answers to these questions and more.

After enrolling for the program, you will receive pre-program materials that include website resources, information on the two actual weather days that will be used as examples during the program, and pre-program worksheets designed to get your students thinking about the topic of weather forecasting and creating questions they most want to ask Mr. Higgins.  If you wish to participate as an interactive school, be sure to note the deadline for returning these pre-program worksheets to us so we can incorporate your student comments and questions into the program.

Date:  April 4, 2013
Times:  10 to 11 a.m.  and 1 to 2 p.m. Central Time
Grade Levels: 4-8
Cost:  no fee, but please register online