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Students Rebuild Offers Project To Support Japan

One week ago, on “Friday, March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake struck Sendai, Japan, resulting in a devastating tsunami that ravaged the coast just 180 miles from Tokyo. In response, Students Rebuild [who works with Global Nomads Group] partnered with DoSomething.org, to ensure students worldwide have a way to support their Japanese peers.

Help Japan by making paper cranes. These simple yet powerful gestures will trigger a $200,000 donation from the Bezos Family Foundation$2 for each crane received – to Architecture for Humanity’s reconstruction efforts in Japan. Once we reach our goal of 100,000 submissions, the cranes will be woven into an art installation – a symbolic gift from students around the globe to Japanese youth.”

How it works:

• Make a paper crane (watch a how-to video)

• Snap a photo and upload it, along with a message of support to the Facebook page “Paper Cranes for Japan”

• Turn your crane into dollars for reconstruction – and eventually an art installation – by mailing it to Students Rebuild. Or, team up with friends and fold as many as you can! Email Students Rebuild to receive a pre-paid shipping label for large boxes:

Students Rebuild
1700 7th Avenue
STE 116 # 145
Seattle, WA 98101

For more information, visit: http://studentsrebuild.org/japan/.

Videoconferences on World War II

Pearl Harbor today

There are many distance learning opportunities to learn about World War II. As the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor approaches, I thought I’d put together a list of some of the videoconferences offered by various content providers:

A Day of Infamy: The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor from The National WWII Museum. Students explore Japanese and American motivations and actions through maps, primary sources, and role playing. For students in grades 5-12th. (The National WWII Museum conducts several videoconferences).

WWII – War in the Pacific from Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial. While studying the role of the Battleship New Jersey in the Pacific, students will analyze the effect that the Iowa class battleships had on the morale of the average sailor, those on the home front, and the enemy. Short video clips of oral histories from those who served will enhance the educational experience, as well as clips of the battleship’s 16″ guns in action. For students in grades 4-9th.

Inside the Vault: The Curators Series from Pacific Historic Parks. This is a program that allows students to view artifacts that are currently not on display. Fuchida’s bible, silverware off the USS ARIZONA, the Jitterbug trophy awarded at the “Battle of Bands” December 6, 1941, Admiral Kidd’s cup holder. Also on display are rare images from the 14th Naval District Historic Photo Collection. These photos illustrate the development of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attack and the massive salvage operation that followed. For students in grades 5-12th.

Auschwitz: Remembering the Holocaust from South Central Kansas Education Service Center High School students will examine the complexity of race and ethnic relations as experienced during the Holocaust through the gates of Auschwitz concentration camp. For students in grades 9-12th.