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An Inside Look at the Civil War: Using Primary Sources to Increase Understanding

HEC-TV Live! Presents An Inside Look at the Civil War: Using Primary Sources to Increase Understanding for grades  4-8th.

Date: March 8, 2012 | Times:  10- 11 a.m. and 1- 2 p.m. CST
Cost:  NO CHARGE | Please register for this interactive videoconference here.

Fighting in the Civil War—what was it like to participate in that struggle?  What can we learn about the War by reading from artifacts used during it and hearing from people and seeing places that experienced it?  Take an inside look at the Civil War using primary sources.

Program Description:
America in the Civil War—a time of conflict, strife, and worry.  What would it have been like to participate in that struggle?  To march as an infantryman? To ride in the cavalry? To use artillery on the battlefield? To build an ironclad? To attack a rail line?  What can we learn about this period of history by reading from artifacts used during it and hearing directly from the people and seeing the places that experienced it? You can find answers to these questions and more as you join HEC-TV Live! from Oakville High School with members of their History Club who have researched the primary sources they’ll share with you during the program.  Read from an artillery manual, hear a poem written by a cavalryman, learn from letters and images of the time.

In advance of the program you will receive copies of primary sources that will be used during the show along with some worksheets designed to get your students thinking about these sources and what they seem to tell them about participating in the War. The focus in this program will not be exploring all the historic details of the Civil War, but it will be to provide students the opportunity to think like an historian as they go back in time through the wonder of primary sources. Participating students will have the opportunity to ask the History Club questions about the documents and their research process as well as interact with Civil War experts on the topics related to those documents. Tim Gore (pictured right) will field questions from the far sites.

PLEASE NOTE: The free morning program and the free afternoon program will explore different areas of life during the Civil War. The morning program will use primary sources to tell us more about life as an infantryman, cavalryman and member of the artillery. The afternoon program will look into the importance of rivers and rail lines on the war as we explore a Missouri battle focused on an important rail line and learn about James Eads and his work on ironclads.

HEC-TV invites you to join us and bring history to life!