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Seminar Next Week: Managing iPads & iPhones

You are invited to attend a Deploying & Managing Mobile Devices in Education seminar at Cooperating School Districts on Monday, April 16th. Who should come to this free, half-day seminar next week? Technical Directors, Tech Coordinators, IT Staff, Network Admins, anyone interested in the technical side of deploying tablets in schools are invited to participate.

Managing iPads & iPhones
Looking at, or already deploying, iPads, iPods, or iPhones in your school or on campus?  In this technical seminar, we will look at the devices, best practice deployment options, sync & content strategies, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and volume app purchasing.  Bret Siegel, Systems Engineer for Apple, Inc., will guide you through the ins-and-outs of deploying Apple mobile devices in the classroom and answer all your questions.

Topics will include:
• Deployment & Management Techniques
• New features in iOS 5
• Activating and configuring your devices
• Mobile Device Management
• Volume Purchase Program
• AirPlay and AppleTV
• iCloud & File Management

DATE: Monday, April 16, 2012 | TIME: 9:00am – 12:00pm
LOCATION: CSD, 1460 Craig Rd. Creve Coeur, MO  63146
RSVP: Debbie Finocchairo 314-692-1200 or dfinocchiaro@csd.org
Please register by Friday, April 13th.

Podcasts for Your Classroom

Stacey Franks showed me this great website- www.learninghand.com– where you can find educational podcasts in all subjects from around the world. Very cool! Please take a moment to click around the website. Tony Vincent has put learninginhand.com together. Check out his blog, too, you’ll learn what he has been up to and what he has planned when it comes to handheld computing, podcasts, iPods and other mobile devices! As Tony says about podcasting, “Remember, you don’t need an iPod or handheld to be a part of podcasting–you can listen right from your web browser. Whatever personal device you may use to listen to podcasts, learning is certainly in hand!”

1 week ’til METC

topbanner.jpg(logo from St. Charles Convention Center website) 

This morning I was able to check out the St. Charles Convention Center– the site for the Midwest Education Technology Conference (while I was there, we conducted successful test calls for the videoconferences we have lined up).  This is our first year at this convention center.  The space was very cool- spacious with a nice lay out, clearly labeled rooms, plenty of (free) parking, the works.  We’re really excited to have grown into it…  registration for METC has now topped 1,300! Attendees will include (but not limited to) educators from Missouri, South Dakota, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, and Illinois.  Even though we’re a week away, it’s not too late to register if you are interested in attending. For details, click here.   We hope to see you next week.