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January 2013 Instructional Coaching Institute

In 2013, Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis will continue to provide top-notch professional development offerings for St. Louis area (and beyond!) K-12 educators. On January 30 and 31st, CSD hosts Ann Hoffman, M.Ed. at University City School District’s McNair Administration Building for an Instructional Coaching Institute.

This two-day Instructional Coaching Institute will provide a foundation upon which a solid, effective instructional coaching program can be built. The content of the institute is based on more than eight years of research on instructional coaching conducted by Jim Knight and the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (where presenter Ann Hoffman visits us from). Instructional coaches are onsite professional developers who teach educators how to use proven teaching methods. They employ a variety of professional development procedures to foster widespread, high-quality implementation of interventions, providing “on-the-job learning.”

The institute addresses what instructional coaching is and how it differs from other forms of coaching; specific communication strategies that a person use to build healthy relationships with other professionals; plus leadership skills that enable coaches to lead reform efforts in their schools.

Register online at CSD’s event calendar. CSD members only pay $295 for the institute; non-members pay $370. For additional information regarding the content of this event contact Tiffiny Creech.

Here & There

 While Martha and Stacey are in the podcasting class today, Ruth is  attending a week long training with Dr. Jim Knight. His area of focus  is instructional coaching. Dr. Knight is from the University of Kansas’ Center for Research on Learning.  According to its website, “Instructional coaches adhere to three core principles: Choice, dialogue, and knowledge in action.” Also, “Instructional coaches are on-site professional developers who teach educators how to use proven instructional methods. To be successful in this role, coaches must be skilled in a variety of roles, including public relations guru, communicator extraordinaire, master organizer and, of course, expert educator.”

Today Ruth reports Dr. Knight has discussed the complexity of change, and how to approach change. She said he’s emphasized that people are willing to make change, but often do no commit to sticking with the change, and that’s as important- it has to be integrated (and maintained!) to be sustainable. She’s really excited about the training. We’ll report back more throughout the week. In the meantime, check out the website: