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Two Weeks to go Until METC 2012!

The 29th annual Midwest Education Technology Conference is coming up in mid-February! Sessions will take place at the St. Charles Convention Center on Monday (there will be a few offsite precons), Tuesday and Wednesday, February 13-15th.

In the event you are unable to attend METC in person, we’re pleased to share that some of our sessions will be streamed live, for free, and later archived. Keynote speakers will be streamed on February 14 and 15th; and each of the featured speakers will also be streamed. Those sessions will later be archived for viewing. This service is courtesy of Conference Technologies, INC.

Another way to participate in METC, whether you can participate at the conference or from elsewhere, is to follow the backchannel chat on Twitter. METC has a Twitter account-  @METC_CSD. Information regarding the conference will be tweeted out to our followers. In addition, we will be utlizing the hashtags #METC12 and #METC. By following those hashtags, you can learn tips, tricks, thoughts & ideas from attendees and presenters on content being shared at the conference!

We are looking forward to your participation at METC 2012. To learn more about the conference, or to register, visit METCconference.org.

METC is a program of the Virtual Learning Center of Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis.

Keeping Kids Safe- and Parents, too

Last night was MOREnet’s 3rd Internet Safety Night.  Here at CSD, we had 20 people in attendance- parents, law enforcement, educators.  CSD was one of over 40 sites sites connecting via videoconference. Though it was not an interactive program (due to the number of sites connected), it was very informative.

The evening started with a message from Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.  Randy Raw from MOREnet moderated the event, and introduced the panel speakers. Each person took a few minutes to introduced his/herself, and talk about why they are passionate about Internet Safety. For me, the most interesting story told was from Miss Missouri, Lindsay Casamaer, who was the victim of a cyberstalker a few years ago. She turned to the police for help as soon as she started to get threatening, graphic e-mails- that turned out to be from a female college classmate. A police detective and forensic investigator who was here at CSD said it was very important, if something like that happened to you, to save the e-mail; print it, keep it, but not to forward it, because  critical forensic information can be lost in the transfer.

Chris Pickering was the keynote speaker last night- Chris works for the Missouri Attorney General’s office as a Chief Investigator. He spoke for 30 minutes, but you could tell he wanted to talk more- he had a lot of information.  He also offered a good analogy for parents- if you are taking your children to the beach, you are going to make sure they know how to swim. Furthermore, you are still going to watch them very closely when they are in the water- the same should be done with Internet safety.  You must teach your children how to use the Internet safely, and to watch them when they are on-line, anyway.  You have to keep them away from the sharks.

We learned from the detective and FBI agent that if you suspect your child has been targeted by an on-line predator, you can go to www.cybertipline.com and report it. It is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- someone will read your tip and pass it along to the appropriate authority.

One more thing that I thought was a good suggestion came from Miss Missouri- she recommended you ask your children who their “friends” are (on-line).  Is the friend a child is chatting with someone he has known since kindergarten and lives down the street, or is this friend a person he has met only a few weeks ago in a chat room? It makes a difference. Ask your kids.