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#METC14 Virtual Conference is Available Until the Summer

metc 2014 virtualCouldn’t make it in person to the METC Conference last month? Don’t worry! Select sessions are available online, for free – no plane, train or automobile needed to participate! Access this great resource at METCconference.org, and save the date for 2015: February 9-11.

2013 Virtual METC Available Through Fall

Once again the Midwest Education Technology Conference offers free content to educators world-wide. Select presentations from METC 2013 were chosen for the annual  Virtual Conference, including those from Keynote Speakers, Featured Speakers, and Midwest Spotlight Educators.

sessionsThese presentations were live-streamed at the conference in February, and the archived session recordings are available until fall 2013, so educators can learn at their own pace, on their own device, and share the information with their colleagues.

Cooperating School Districts and METC would like to thank the speakers, as well as Conference Technologies, Inc. (provided streaming services) and SqoolTechs, LLC. (provide the conference Moodle).

METC Keynote & Featured Speakers for 2011

You know we’ve been posting about our featured speakers for METC 2011 in the last couple of weeks. Here’s the last group, including our final keynote speaker. These presenters will definitely motivate, engage, transform and connect with conference goers!

Featured Speaker Torrence Temple built a small media company in 2001 called iScienceDVD, LLC. Atom & Quark video collection  incorporates all of Torrence’s research on digital media design for enhanced learning (isciencedvd.com). Torrence built, edited, designed, and produced every aspect of the videos to enhance the absorption of science knowledge in elementary  school classrooms. Torrence continues his research and development of new, cutting edge technology applications at Azusa Pacific University where he’s taught technology courses to teachers for the last 9 years.

Dr. Howie DiBlasi was recognized as “Vocational Teacher of the Year” for the state of Arizona and nominated as a finalist in the “Top Secondary Leaders in America.” He has presented programs, courses and presentations to thousands of administrators, teachers, technology specialists and professionals around the country-  including past Midwest Education Technology Conferences. Howie is a recognized leader in digital technology, multi-media, interactive video conferencing and 21st century learning. He has extensive hands on experience in training administrators and educators using 21st Century technology and applications.

Gwyneth Ann Jones, aka The Daring Librarian, is a blogger, a plurker, ISTE board member, a citizen of Nings and a resident of Second Life. She’s a digital immigrant with a longtime green card and a passion for educational technology, school librarianship, and being a change agent within her learning community both geographically and within the ethernets. As a teacher-librarian and technology specialist at Murray Hill Middle School in Howard, Maryland, strives to bring kids into her information center for what she calls investigative research adventures.

Also added to the keynote roster is Lee Crockett. He is a national award winning designer, marketing consultant, entrepreneur, artist, author and international keynote speaker. He is the Director of Media for the InfoSavvy Group and the managing partner of the 21st Century Fluency Project. Lee is the chief architect of the extensive network of websites, web-based applications and presentations of which the InfoSavvy group is comprised. Lee is also the co-publisher of the Committed Sardine Blog, which is electronically distributed to more than 100,000 readers in over 60 countries. He is co-author of Understanding the Digital Generation, The Digital Diet, Living on the Future Edge, and the upcoming Literacy is not Enough. Lee is a “just in time learner” first and foremost, constantly adapting to the new programs, languages and technologies associated with today’s communications and marketing media.

The Midwest Education Technology Conference is a program of Cooperating School Districts (CSD). Remember that you can follow METC on Twitter. Registration for the conference opens on Friday, October 1, 2010.

Three Featured Speakers Announced for METC 2010

diblasi_150 DavidJakes150 ScottMeech
Three Midwest Education Technology Conference featured speakers have been announced: (from left to right) Howie DiBlasi, David Jakes, and Scott Meech.

DiBlasi is currently a member of the Alan November Consulting Team, and is a recognized leader in digital technology, multi-media, interactive videoconferencing and 21st Century learning. He has extensive hands on experience in training administrators and educators using 21st Century technology and applications. Join him for a preconference workshop on Monday, February 8 or attend one of his breakout sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 9 & 10.

Jakes has spent 25 years in education as a teacher, staff developer, and technology coordinator. His interests in educational technology include digital storytelling, the application of geography-based systems for learning, and developing online communities of learning through blogging, wiki and other connective technologies. Jakes presents breakout sessions Tuesday and Wednesday, February 9 & 10.

Meech is starting his 15th year in education. He currently works at The Joseph Sears School in Kenilworth, Illinois as the district Technology Facilitator. As an early technology adopter, he became the test pilot for any and all new tech initiatives. Meech’s teaching quickly transformed from a traditional teacher-centered paradigm to a constructivist student-centered approach. He presents breakout sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 9 & 10.

METC 2010 is February 8, 9, 10. Registration opens October 1, 2009. For more information on METC 2010, visit the conference’s Moodle.