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The Science Behind Weather Forecasting

flickr creative commonsWe’ve all watched the local TV weatherperson & wondered just what they do to create the forecast they give us. What equipment do they use? What kind of training do they need? How do they determine when conditions are ripe for certain types of storms, whether temperatures will rise or fall, whether or not they should break into TV programs to provide a breaking weather update? What is the science behind forecasting?

Join HEC-TV Live! on April 4 to interact with St. Louis’ KTVI Fox2 meteorologist Chris Higgins to take a tour of his weather studio and find out what goes into creating a forecast.  The program will focus on two very different spring days of actual St. Louis weather—one with clear skies and temperatures in the sixties and one where conditions produced dangerous storms and tornadoes.  How were the forecasts created?  What technology was used to follow the changing weather conditions on that stormy day? What conditions forced the announcement of a tornado watch and later a tornado warning?  How does Mr. Higgins read that Doppler Radar and pinpoint where the tornado is located?  How does he take what he has learned and translate into understandable language for every TV viewer?  Enroll in “The Science Behind Weather Forecasting” videoconference by March 28 to find out the answers to these questions and more.

After enrolling for the program, you will receive pre-program materials that include website resources, information on the two actual weather days that will be used as examples during the program, and pre-program worksheets designed to get your students thinking about the topic of weather forecasting and creating questions they most want to ask Mr. Higgins.  If you wish to participate as an interactive school, be sure to note the deadline for returning these pre-program worksheets to us so we can incorporate your student comments and questions into the program.

Date:  April 4, 2013
Times:  10 to 11 a.m.  and 1 to 2 p.m. Central Time
Grade Levels: 4-8
Cost:  no fee, but please register online

Going Green: Back to Nature from HEC-TV Live! this April

Date:  April 12, 2012 | Times:  10-11:00 a.m. and 1- 2:00 p.m. CDT
Grade Levels: 4-8 | Videoconference Cost:  No Fee
Register: www.cilc.org, search for
HEC-TV Live! Presents Going Green: Back to Nature

Students will learn about the importance of watersheds and what to do to protect them as they participate in a lab activity to test stream water for macro invertebrates & water quality at the Little Creek Nature Area in Florissant, Missouri.

What are watersheds and why do they matter so much to the health of the planet? How can we know how healthy a watershed is? What are ways to test for water quality? What steps can we take to reduce man’s negative impact on a watershed and help it thrive? What steps can we take to help a watershed struck by a natural disaster? To investigate the questions and more, HEC-TV Live! invites your students to join us outdoors and in the lab at the Little Creek Nature Area in Florissant, Missouri, to learn more about what we can do to protect the watersheds that are so vital to the health of the planet.

During the program, students will participate in a two-part lab activity. Your students will interact with students from the Ferguson-Florissant School District who will join us on site in the lab at the Little Creek Nature Area along with teachers from the Ferguson-Florissant Outdoor Education Center at Little Creek and representatives from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Part 1 of the lab activity will focus on the process used to take water samples from a stream or pond to test for macro invertebrates living in the ecosystem. Together, students will identify samples of macro invertebrates collected from the waters on site, record the number of each type and analyze what these results may indicate about the health of the ecosystem.  Part 2 of the lab activity will focus on testing water for dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, ph and turbidity. Students at Little Creek will test samples of the water collected on site and interact with your students to analyze the results of those tests.

Members of the Missouri Department of Conservation will answer your student questions about watersheds, water quality, and ways we can help protect both. Preparatory materials both written and in video form, as well as handouts that will be used during the program itself, will be sent to you after your enrollment is confirmed for the program.

Archival Viewing:
Can’t join live?  No problem!  All HEC-TV Live! programs are archived on the station website, www.hectv.org and on the HEC-TV page on iTunes U for on-demand viewing. Archives are usually up & running about a week after the program’s original air date. For questions, contact live@hectv.org.

An Inside Look at the Civil War: Using Primary Sources to Increase Understanding

HEC-TV Live! Presents An Inside Look at the Civil War: Using Primary Sources to Increase Understanding for grades  4-8th.

Date: March 8, 2012 | Times:  10- 11 a.m. and 1- 2 p.m. CST
Cost:  NO CHARGE | Please register for this interactive videoconference here.

Fighting in the Civil War—what was it like to participate in that struggle?  What can we learn about the War by reading from artifacts used during it and hearing from people and seeing places that experienced it?  Take an inside look at the Civil War using primary sources.

Program Description:
America in the Civil War—a time of conflict, strife, and worry.  What would it have been like to participate in that struggle?  To march as an infantryman? To ride in the cavalry? To use artillery on the battlefield? To build an ironclad? To attack a rail line?  What can we learn about this period of history by reading from artifacts used during it and hearing directly from the people and seeing the places that experienced it? You can find answers to these questions and more as you join HEC-TV Live! from Oakville High School with members of their History Club who have researched the primary sources they’ll share with you during the program.  Read from an artillery manual, hear a poem written by a cavalryman, learn from letters and images of the time.

In advance of the program you will receive copies of primary sources that will be used during the show along with some worksheets designed to get your students thinking about these sources and what they seem to tell them about participating in the War. The focus in this program will not be exploring all the historic details of the Civil War, but it will be to provide students the opportunity to think like an historian as they go back in time through the wonder of primary sources. Participating students will have the opportunity to ask the History Club questions about the documents and their research process as well as interact with Civil War experts on the topics related to those documents. Tim Gore (pictured right) will field questions from the far sites.

PLEASE NOTE: The free morning program and the free afternoon program will explore different areas of life during the Civil War. The morning program will use primary sources to tell us more about life as an infantryman, cavalryman and member of the artillery. The afternoon program will look into the importance of rivers and rail lines on the war as we explore a Missouri battle focused on an important rail line and learn about James Eads and his work on ironclads.

HEC-TV invites you to join us and bring history to life!

Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes: A Veteran’s Day Tribute

HEC-TV Live! Presents Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes: A Veteran’s Day Tribute
Date: November 11, 2011 | Times: 10 to 11 a.m. or 1 to 2 p.m. CT
Grade Levels: 4-12 | Cost: NO CHARGE
Register by Thursday, November 3rd

Videoconference Description:
What is it like to be in the military?  What is it like to fight in combat and to return home from war?  What does it mean to have served your nation in its armed forces? On this Veterans Day, as Tim Gore of HEC-TV Live! remembers those who have fought and died for our country’s freedoms, take your study of the history of America in war to the veterans who fought in them.  Ask these questions and more as you interact with veterans from World War II, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and the current war in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Take a step back into history with those who lived and fought during these important moments in American life. What was the mood of the country as America entered the war after Pearl Harbor? What was it like to be on the battlefield in World War II and to be a prisoner of war? During the turbulent 1960’s as Americans wrestled with the war in Vietnam, why did a young man choose to enlist and fight so far from home?  As America countered Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, how did one young Marine react to being on the front lines of that conflict?  What was it like to live in a foxhole, search enemy foxholes for soldiers and weapons, and to fight in a field of landmines?  And in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, what was it like to be a military policeman or to be tasked as part of the important support unit to promote troop morale?

HEC-TV Live’s focus in this program will not be exploring the historic details of a specific war or battle in that war, but it will be to provide students the rare and important opportunity to speak directly with those who have served our country in its armed forces and learn first hand what that means.

Program Objectives:

1.  The participant will gain a greater understanding of what it means to live and fight in wartime.
2.  The participant will interact with individuals providing primary source accounts of recent world events.
3.  The participant will meet people and hear stories from diverse perspectives.

Distance Learning Open House on Tuesday, October 18

Are you interested in distance learning, but not really sure where to start? Have you been participating in distance learning events, but are interested in learning more? You & your colleagues are  invited to attend an Open House at Cooperating School Districts (1460 Craig Road in Creve Coeur) on Tuesday, October 18, 2011. This free event, taking place between 2 and 6 o’clock, is open to K-12 educators interested in learning more and videoconferencing, Skype and other online collaborations.

At this Open House, you’ll have an opportunity to talk to content providers*, other educators interested in distance learning, and you will have an opportunity to win prizes like an iPod, Starbucks gift certificates and more!

* Content providers currently scheduled to participate include:
• Robert Powell from the Challenger Learning Center- St. Louis
• Paul Steensland from the St. Louis County Library
• Ray Vollmer from Saint Louis University’s Adventures in Medicine and Science
• Tim Gore from HEC-TV Live!
• Amy E. Sklansky, St. Louis children’s author
• Roxanne Glaser and Shane Howard from Whirlidurb

Feel free to stop by when you are available; we will have light refreshments, conversation, and videoconferencing demonstrations taking place throughout the afternoon. We’re asking for attendees to RSVP so we can look forward to seeing you! Questions about the event? Contact Rebecca Morrison at rmorrison@csd.org.