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Connecting, Writing, Global Warming

 tarmigan_air.jpg starfish.jpg Author Carolyn Lesser connected today and will connect Friday to Linda Altoonian’s writing class in Arlington, Texas. Topic: global warming.  Carolyn and Linda have videoconferenced together, through CSD, for several years now and have formed a great friendship. 

Carolyn has customized a series of videoconferences for Linda, talking about global warming, in the form of a press conference.  Students will ask Carolyn a series of questions and from that interview process write an article, which they will then share with Carolyn on Friday, for her critique.  Carolyn takes a great deal of time to research any topic she will present on, and I saw the files she brought in for this presentation.  She has traveled extensively and has experiences in many of the places she talks about.  The students better be ready for a wealth of information!  I’ll let you know what Carolyn says about the videoconferences. If this is something you are interested in for your class, contact me at rmorrison@csd.org and we’ll get you connected, too.