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Free Distance Learning Programs from Global Nomads Group

DATE: 03.08.12 |  TIME: 1:00-2:00 PM ET | GRADE: 9-12 | COST: FREE

Through conversations with a guest expert panel streamed on-line in  real time,  students will learn about the causes and consequences of human trafficking.  In the 60 minute webcast, students will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions to the panelists through a live-chat function. This program is in partnership with the New York Times Learning Network. Continue Reading…

IVC: Path Forward
DATE: 03.19.12 & 03.21.12 |  TIME: 10- 11 AM ET | GRADE: 7-12
WEBCAST | DATE: 04.19.12 |  TIME: 10- 11 AM ET | GRADE: 8-12

This spring, we will have two exciting opportunities for you to dive deeper into  the Path Forward challenge and learn about the current crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and connect with Congolese students.  Register now for a special 2-part IVC and our webcast- live from Eastern Congo!  REGISTER NOW– Spaces limited! Continue Reading…

DATE: 06.01.12 |  TIME: 9 – 10 AM ET | GRADE: 9-12 | COST: FREE

Pioneers in Science is a premier program of the World Science Festival that connects high-school students with leading scientists from around the world.  The 2012 Pioneers program, features visionary stem cell researcher Elaine Fuchs, who will participate in videoconference program. In this candid session, students will have the opportunity to discuss working on stem cells in the lab, plus bioethics and the politicization of science. Continue Reading…

Global Nomads Group offers 9/11: 10 Years Later

Ten years ago on September 11th, U.S. national security was compromised, international relations became strained and lives were changed forever. In what ways have the events that took place on September 11th impacted the lives of so many and how have they changed U.S. relations with the Arab world?

SEPTEMBER 13 & 15, 2011
TIMES: High School: 10 am CT both days;
Middle School: 12 pm CT both days
THEME: Global Development; Global Politics

In this 2-Part PULSE videoconference program, students will reflect upon the impact of 9/11 in light of the Arab Spring and discuss how current events will shape our future. Students will have the opportunity to share their personal experiences and learn an important piece of our history while discussing politics, international relations, and U.S. security. Through individual reflection and classroom discussion, students will share their thoughts and ideas for the future.

For nonmembers (of GNG), this program is $300 –> $150 per session; both sessions are required. Limited space is still available for this important distance learning event.

Fall GNG VC Registration Starts in August

Global Nomads Group’s [GNG] mission is to foster dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth. By doing so GNG, serves as a vehicle for awareness, bridges the boundaries of cultural misconception and instills in our audience a heightened appreciation and comprehension of the world in which we live.

GNG’s PULSE program registration begins Monday, August 22nd! PULSE Programs are virtual, town hall meetings designed to give students a forum to deliberate some of the most challenging issues of our time. 2-Part PULSE programs meet over a period of two days, one hour per session. Multi-Part PULSE programs meet over several periods of time for one hour per session. Check out their upcoming programs:


9/11: 10 Years Later
In this program, students will reflect upon the impact of 9/11 in light of the “Arab Spring” and discuss how current events will shape our future.


Pillars of Islam
Engage in frank discussion about perceived (mis)conceptions about Islam and learn about the pillars of the faith.

The Arab Spring
This multi-part program will explore both the causes and consequences of those events through country-specific case studies and first-hand perspectives of people who experienced them on the ground.  This program will run once a week for 5-6 weeks.


Today’s Native Americans
By getting to know different members of this vastly diverse community, students will learn about today’s Native Americans and how their lives, perspectives, identities, and dreams define the modern Native American experience.


Cotton: The Global Fabric of Our Lives
As demand continues to outstrip supply, how will the international production, exchange, and uses of cotton affect both the international relations of our countries and us as individual consumers?

News from Students Rebuild on Paper Cranes for Japan

In March, I blogged about an art project Students Rebuild was putting together so young people could help their peers in Japan. It looks like students and their teachers have really responded to this project! Students Rebuild was requesting students to fold paper cranes. Why? Cranes are sacred creatures in Japanese culture. According to legend, anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. The cranes sent into Students Rebuild will be woven into an art installation – a symbolic gift from students around the globe to Japanese youth…

This info below is directly from the Students Rebuild website on their efforts to support Japan in the midst of the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Here are updates, news, and requests- please read carefully, as today has a deadline for part of the Paper Cranes  program-

4/13: We’ve received paper cranes from 49 of the 50 United States! (Anyone folding cranes in Mississippi??) Also, at least 19 countries mailed cranes to date!

4/11: Wow, you are incredible! Catching up on last weekend’s mail, we blew past our goal of 100,000 paper cranes! I wonder how many we’ll get by the April 15 deadline? While the donation has been triggered ($200,000 for Japan!), we know many more are in the mail. Don’t worry—cranes postmarked by the 4/15 deadline will live on as an amazing piece of art…  how many do you think we’ll have by Friday’s deadline?

4/4: Postmark your cranes by *APRIL 15* Since we’re welcoming dozens of packages & parcels a day (too many to count!), we’re making it official: please mail in your cranes (postmarked) by Fri., April 15! We’ll continue to post updates as they flock in, so check out our homepage crane-counter for the latest.

4/1: Mark your boxes with a crane count: Please help us speed up the crane-counting by labeling the number of origami cranes on each package you send our way. Our dedicated volunteers send their appreciation!

Students Rebuild is an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation. The Virtual Learning Center learned about it from Global Nomads Group, one of our favorite videoconference content providers.

Videoconference Sessions @ METC 2011

Here’s a list of METC sessions for this year that will incorporate videoconferencing into the presentation:

  • Helping Kids Identify Their Future Career presented by Tabitha Kappeler-Hurley from Santa Clara Unified School District
  • K-12 Distance Learning @ Manhattan School of Music presented by Juliana Han from the Manhattan School of Music
  • Inspring Teachers’ Use of Curriculum Videoconferencing: What Works presented by Janine Lim from Berrien Regional Service Agency
  • Blended Learning for the 21st Century Classroom presented by Polycom’s Elaine Shuck and Amanda Stewart
  • Oh the Places You Will Go… presented by Debbie Alston and Shirley Boyd from Kileen Independent School District and Tech4Learning, respectively
  • “Virtually” Crossing Cultures in the Classroom presented by Global Nomads Group’s Tonya Muro Phillips

Of course, there are other sessions about videoconferencing, too, at the Midwest Education Technology Conference. Be sure to visit http://METCconference.org to see who is presenting, and when!