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Residential Program at Mount Vernon in October

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Through the support of the Paul M. Shatz and Deane Lee Shatz Charitable Foundation, Missouri teachers from grades 3-12 are invited to spend a Weekend with George Washington. This four-day immersive residential program at George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, will provide an intensive study of George Washington and his world. The curriculum during October 10-13, 2013 includes discussions led by noted Washington scholars and hands-on workshops exploring Washington’s life and interests at Mount Vernon. Through study, discussion, tours, and projects, participants will gain a new and deeper understanding of the life and character of George Washington and his unique legacy in creating and shaping the principles of America’s democracy.

Discussion Topics:
• Leadership Commander in Chief
• Constitutional Convention
• Presidency Slavery
• Visionary Farmer
• Entrepreneur Investigating Primary Resources

This institute is free of charge; all meals, workshops, and materials are included in the program – the challenge is to put together a good application and then cover your expenses for travel to the site. The application is due September 6. For Teachers’ Institute program questions, and application form, please contact dschallom@mountvernon.org.

Thanks to our friends at the Missouri History Museum for sharing this opportunity with us!

VISIONS OF LEADERSHIP: A One-Day Institute for K-12 Teachers on George Washington

 In honor of their exhibition Discover the Real George Washington: New Views from Mount Vernon, the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park is hosting a free workshop for teachers on Friday, November 2, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. K-12 teachers will have a chance to learn from scholar educators from Mount Vernon, including Nancy Hayward, has worked there for nearly 20 years; archaeologist Esther White; and Richard Josey, Jr., the Manager of Programs for the Historic Sites and Museums Division at the Minnesota Historical Society. The workshop is designed to give teachers the latest information, resources, and tools to teach their students about our nation’s first president. The workshop is free, but reservations are required.

Topics include:
The leadership of George Washington | George Washington: Visionary Farmer & Entrepreneur | Stories from the Enslaved Community | Alignment with the Common Core | Use of Primary Source Documents | Arts Integration

All participating teachers will receive free entrance to the exhibit. Upon request, attendance certificates  will be granted to teachers present for the full day. Call 314-361-9017 to register.

Free Fairfax Network Online Videos include Science, Social Studies, Language Arts

Watch the following programs from the Fairfax Network anytime online for free! The Fairfax Network is an award-winning producer of distance learning programming that originates in Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia. (The videos may not be recorded, downloaded, or stored).

To register to receive the Fairfax Network’s video stream URLs and log in information, please click here.

Cultural Competence
Dr. Darryle Craig, program manager for Fairfax County Public Schools College Success Program, presents her ideas and strategies for becoming “Culturally Competent.”  Video segments from Dr. Darryle Craig’s presentation are online.

Flight School 5: On the Red Planet
Learn how scientists are studying the Red Planet, the kind of valuable information being collected, and what that information tells us about our own planet.

Hear My Story: The Enslaved Community at Mount Vernon
Historical interpreters from I Ain’t No Three Fifths of a Person take us back to 1792 and discuss what the new constitution will mean to them.  This program was recorded before an audience of teachers and students at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum & Gardens.

I Ain’t No Three Fifths of a Person
Explore the reactions and perspectives of key members of the Mount Vernon and Monticello enslaved communities to major events during the founding of our nation.

Meet the Author: Discover Shakespeare
Folger Shakespeare Library Director, Dr. Michael Witmore, discusses how Richard III, a play written over 400 years ago still resonates with today’s audience.

The password-protected videos will play in Windows Media format. You must have Windows Media Player version 8, or later, to view the video stream.
[Note: If you are using a Safari for Mac, you need Windows Media® for QuickTime, by Flip4Mac™].

Happy 4th of July – Videoconferences on the American Revolution

Here are some videoconferences that help celebrate America’s Independence:

George vs. George: The American Revolution as Seen from Both Sides: Using plenty of lively illustrations, presenter and participants will have an interactive discussion about the ways George Washington and King George III were both alike and different. The program also cover the rollicking history of the colonies, the troubles leading up to the Revolutionary War, the role propaganda played on both sides of the ocean, many of the main battles and the amazing armies on both sides who fought them, how the book was made, and much more.

The First First Lady: An Audience with Martha Washington: Students will meet the very first First Lady, Martha Washington, and hear her tales of life at Mount Vernon. In this program, Mrs. Washington will bring her 40 years at Mount Vernon to life, recounting the daily adventures of her children, grandchildren, and many pets.

From Independence to Interdependence: A program designed to help U.S. students better understand the concept and reality of our interdependent world through the work and experiences of James Wilson, signer of the Declaration of Independence and Founding Father of the United States of America.

Windows Through Time: Journals of American Revolutionary War Spies!: Engage your students in The Ward Melville Heritage Organization’s literacy based distance learning program about America’s first successful spy ring… Your students will need all of their reading skills to learn about the methods and motivations of spies on Long Island and in New York City during the American Revolution as they create their Spy Design–an espionage plan that they will develop as a team from the pre-activity kit sent to the  teacher.

Of course, there are many more programs highlighting the Revolutionary War! These are just a random sampling of that is offered by various content providers.

Presidential Videoconferences & Webconferences

There are many options for teachers interested in doing a videoconference on on American Presidents, (especially the Founding Fathers). Here are some programs available for K-12 teachers (all can be found on www.cilc.org):

Another option is webconferencing, which is an interactive connection hosted over the internet, using the classroom computer instead of videoconference equipment. The Education Department of The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home, offers webconferencing on President Jackson and Jacksonian America.