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Here’s Your Chance to Participate in The Big CleanUp

Join Discovery Education and EarthEcho International for a free webinar featuring Philippe Cousteau and his guests on Thursday, June 7th at 12 pm CT. This special, free event kicks off The Big CleanUp, a summer-long contest where your students will learn how plastic affects our waterways and how they can take action to protect our oceans. The contest, launched by EarthEcho International, TerraCycle and One World One Ocean, challenges students to remove plastic from the waste stream and earn money for their school. Prizes include a school visit from Philippe Cousteau and others, film passes + more.

“Re-imagine the Classroom! Learn! Imagine! Participate!”

From Global Nomads Group: the 2009 Open Architecture Challenge invites you to partner with architects in your community to design better, greener classrooms for our schools.

Architecture for Humanity and the Global Nomads Group are hosting a design competition, which will tackle the health, environmental and performance concerns associated with today’s classrooms. Due to economic factors and rapid growth of our schools, portable, makeshift classrooms are now permanent features on schoolyards across the country. Global Nomads will be facilitating videoconferences to connect schools and architects. For more information on this collaborative project, visit: http://www.openarchitecturenetwork.org/challenge.

Challenge Timeline

  • January 28, 2009: Challenge Launched at the World Economic Forum
  • June 30, 2009: Entry deadline
  • Summer 2009: Jury review and selection
  • Fall 2009: Winner announced

Principal Sponsor: Orient Global

Additional Sponsors and Partners: Global Nomads |  Curriki |  Building Tomorrow |  Autodesk |  Google SketchupGoogle Earth |  USGBC |  CHPS |  CEFPI |  Do Something |  Graham Foundation |  Irvin Stern Foundation

Connecting, Writing, Global Warming

 tarmigan_air.jpg starfish.jpg Author Carolyn Lesser connected today and will connect Friday to Linda Altoonian’s writing class in Arlington, Texas. Topic: global warming.  Carolyn and Linda have videoconferenced together, through CSD, for several years now and have formed a great friendship. 

Carolyn has customized a series of videoconferences for Linda, talking about global warming, in the form of a press conference.  Students will ask Carolyn a series of questions and from that interview process write an article, which they will then share with Carolyn on Friday, for her critique.  Carolyn takes a great deal of time to research any topic she will present on, and I saw the files she brought in for this presentation.  She has traveled extensively and has experiences in many of the places she talks about.  The students better be ready for a wealth of information!  I’ll let you know what Carolyn says about the videoconferences. If this is something you are interested in for your class, contact me at rmorrison@csd.org and we’ll get you connected, too.