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Missouri Distance Learning Association July Breakout Sessions posted

MODLA‘s annual conference is July 9 and 10 at Tan-Tar-A Resort in the Lake of the Ozarks.  The conference theme this year is ‘Keeping Pace with Distance Learning.’  For a complete list of all the sessions (including mine on our Author Visits!), click here.

Strands include:

  • ABC’s of Distance Learning
  • 21st Century Technologies
  • Distance Learning Content Development
  • Instructional Practices in Distance Learning
  • Interactive Video Conferencing & Online
  • Distance Learning Support and Assessment
In addition, AT&T Education Advocate Wesley Fryer will be the keynote speaker & Dan Coyote and the Skydancers will close the conference with a presentation on Second Life.               

According to its website, the mission of the Missouri Distance Learning Association “is to promote the effective application of distance learning strategies to maximize access, equity, and quality of educational resources for teachers and learners of all ages.”

I hope to see you in Tan-Tar-A!


Videoconferences on Earth Day


Indianapolis Zoo has a popular, annual Earth Day videoconference. I can’t say that I know of too many others out there – can anyone list some?  Have any collaborative project ideas over videoconference for Earth Day? I know I’m going to be getting inquiries on the topic in the next couple of weeks… 



 (photo from Visible Earth – a catalog of NASA images) 

Making Educational Technology Count

The Midwest Education Technology Conference started today!  It’s not too late, however, to participate.  Walk-in registration is welcome.  We will be at the St. Charles Convention Center bright and early tomorrow morning! Sessions start at 9:30, but registration opens at 6:30.  There is an exhibit hall with dozens of vendors, and break out sessions that cover everything from videoconferencing to differentiated instruction to digital media. There are over 140 breakout sessions that cover one or more of these levels: Awareness: exploring & gathering; Training: developing new skill sets; Systemic: systemic change agent.  Districts from all over the St. Louis area (and beyond!) attend this fantastic conference! See you there…

METC 2008 brings together a diverse collection of speakers

Technology is a tool that excites and engages students to learn.


Save the date: February 4-6, 2008

Registration began October 1, 2007

Congressional Connection

 Cooperating School Districts’ new Executive Director, Dr. John Urkevi16octvc.jpgch, has really embraced videoconferencing! This week, I’ve connected him and several St. Louis area superintendents to videoconferences with contacts in Jefferson City (DESEand Washington D.C. (House of Representatives).  Yesterday’s videoconference with Congressman Russ Carnahan (Representing the Third District of Missouri) and Congressman George Miller (Representing the Seventh District of California and Chairman, Committee of Education and Labor) was a success- a good connection (audio, picture, great!) and very interesting conversation on No Child Left Behind.

 During the hour long videoconference, Rep. Carnahan talked a bit about CSD and education, and Rep. Miller introduced himself and discussed some of his work. Dr. Urkevich then introduced himself and gave more information on Cooperating School Districts. He, along with the superintendents , asked questions and gave comments on NCLB.   Some issues raised included recognizing progress and accountability, the need for resources and funding, and emphasizing all children are different.  Rep. Carnahan noted funding, flexibility and fairness are key.  At the end of the hour, Rep. Miller had another meeting to attend.  Dr. Urkevich and Rep. Carnahan spoke for a few more minutes, then we ended the meeting and disconnected the videoconference connection.

 Ben Murray, (on Rep. Carnahan’s staff), helped get the v/c going on their end- many thanks! Jim McHugh, also on Rep. Carnahan’s staff, was in attendance at CSD and helped coordinate efforts (and was photographer!).