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Integrating Technology Tools in Math to Meet Common Core State Standards

 Integrating Technology Tools in Math to Meet #CCSSAll day today Nancy George and Jan Keenoy are leading Integrating Technology Tools in Math to Meet Common Core State Standards today in the tele. The workshop was for math teachers at all grade levels who want to understand the Missouri Core Academic Standards (CAS) for Math and how to tie technology tools into their teaching.  Nancy and Jan, along with the participants, explored the foundation for the standards, the learning progressions, and the major shifts in content, instruction and assessment, along with the technology tools that students need to be successful. What was your biggest a-ha moment from the day?

Do you know what type of digital footprint you are creating?

Digital Citizenship WorkshopDo you know what type of digital footprint you are creating?  Anyone using the web or a mobile device leaves a digital footprint.  We teach our children how to be safe within the physical community, but what about norms for appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use?  Because of AUPs and guidelines for Best Practices, school leaders are faced with creating policies that students can follow and teachers can support. As educators, we must prepare students to live in a world without physical boundaries and help them learn how to work with others, virtually or otherwise.

Each year, Digital Citizenship – It’s Common Sense is a popular selection amongst our offerings. In this workshop today and tomorrow, lead by Linda Dougherty, participants will explore the nine elements of Digital Citizenship: Access, Commerce, Communication, Literacy, Etiquette, Law, Rights & Responsibilities, Health & Wellness, and Security.

Get SMART this Summer

St. Louis SMARTBoard TrainingToday SMART Certified Trainer Martha Bogart is teaching SMARTBoard Level 2 in the tele at Cooperating School Districts. This week’s workshop filled so quickly, another session of Level 2 was added on the schedule for Tuesday, June 11. Note- today’s workshop and Tuesday’s are not a workshops for beginners.

Countdown to Show-Me a Movie 2012

There is just over one month to submit to the Show-Me a Movie Contest sponsored by Cooperating School Districts. Second through twelfth graders in Illinois and Missouri are invited to share their two-minute movies via SchoolTube (double check those movie links to ensure they are open to the public for our judges to view!). The deadline to submit a movie is Friday, December 14. Movies will be judged the second week of January and all participants will be notified whether they were named winners within a couple weeks of judging. Winning movies will be announced and showcased at the 30th annual Midwest Education Technology Conference.

Please visit www.csd.org for full contest rules; for questions regarding the contest, contact program manager Rebecca Morrison.

[Thank you to 2012 contest sponsors
BrainPOP, CSD, SchoolTube, and Tech4Learning]

METC Spotlight on Sean Nash

2013 Midwest Spotlight Educator Sean Nash is currently a district instructional technology specialist, marine biology teacher, and technology integration consultant. A former instructional coach, Sean has delivered countless hours of professional development for teachers and principals at a variety of grade levels. His visionary leadership over the course of his 20 years in education has always been grounded in ways to move classrooms toward a more student-centric future. Sean works and resides in St. Joseph, Missouri, with his wife, Erin, and preschool daughters, Delaney and Neve. Follow him on Twitter at @nashworld.

Sean is one of nine educators chosen as spotlight speaker at the Midwest Education Technology Conference. This special designation honors leaders from the region in education technology, whose practices are making a difference for students and teachers. METC,  a program of Cooperating School Districts, celebrates 30 years in 2013.