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Having Fun With Poetry Over Videoconference

Author Amy E. Sklansky gives elementary students in grades second through fifth a peek inside the mind of a poet in her one hour videoconference Inside a Poet’s Mind.

Sharing poems from her own books, (the latest is You Are My Little Cupcake), Amy discusses the various places a poet finds inspiration and a few of the many forms poetry can take. Next, she uses PowerPoint slides to model a process for writing a poem, and then encourages students to use the same process to write a poem on their own during the videoconference. Finally, Amy gives examples of the ways a poet may revise her work – emphasizing concepts such as word choice, line breaks, action verbs, and punctuation. Student volunteers are invited to share their work aloud. The main objective of this program is for students in second through fifth grade to gain a greater appreciation for and understanding of poetry. (If a second grade teacher would like to participate, the program would be shortened to 45 minutes and would not include the writing time for students).

In previous Octobers, Amy has been known to do a more Halloween-focused poetry videoconference, featuring the work in her book Skeleton Bones and Goblin Groans: Poems for Halloween. Interested in signing up? New Links members pay $155, nonmembers pay $195. Contact Rebecca Morrison if you’d like to sign up for this great, interactive lesson – over videoconference or Skype!  If you’d like to talk to the author yourself about how she conducts videoconferences, Amy will be at the New Links Open House at Cooperating School Districts on October 18. (See previous blog post).

Upcoming Videoconferences

author Amy E. Sklansky

Don’t forget, don’t delay:

  • Eggs-periments with Amy E. Sklansky on October 7
  • Peer Pressure discussion with Barri Bumgarner on October 10
  • December ACT class registration deadline is October 17
  • Winter Holidays Around the World with Patricia McKissack starts November 4

Contact me if you want to sign up for these great distance learning opportunities!

2008-09 Mental Health Program Descriptions

Here are some Mental Health professional development updates! All the interactive Mental Health videoconference sessions are presented by a BJC staff member and include a question & answer period. Sessions run from 4-5 o’clock central on set dates. K-12 educators are welcome to participate in this videoconference. Contact Rebecca Morrison to sign up or if you have questions.

Dates, Topics, Descriptions:

January 8When a Classmate Dies (Lynn Baer)
In this one hour videoconference, the implications for schools, classrooms and families when losing a child will be discussed. Identifying issues and helping students in the grieving process are key issues to this conversation.

February 12The Influence of Media on Teen BehaviorTeaching Media Literacy  (Lynne Lang)
This videoconference will define media literacy and its impact on teen behavior. During the session, strategies to help teens break down messages in order to make healthy decisions will be covered. Topics include teen pregnancy and teen smoking.

March 12Peer Bullying/Sibling BullyingMaking the Connection
(Lynne Lang)
Discover the connection between sibling and peer abuse during this interactive videoconference; learn to identify and address troubling behaviors that may be affecting your classroom climate.


Crucial Conversations Conference

Cooperating School Districts will again conduct a series of videoconference dialogs this year between 3-4 high schools on the topic of race relations.  High school students from different demographic areas of the St. Louis metropolitan area (urban, suburban, and rural) and other parts of the U.S. will have an opportunity to talk with each other in a series of five videoconference dialogs. A trained facilitator from the group  A World of Difference will oversee the conversations.  The session breakdown is as follows: 

Session 1 – Developing a common language to talk about racism, stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice.

Session 2 – What I learned growing up.

Session 3 – How inclusive is my school?

Session 4 – What procedures and policies would make my school more inclusive?

Session 5 – What can I personally do to change things?

All dialogs take place 1-2:00 p.m. CT.  Dates so far:  Nov. 14 & Dec. 12

(2008 dates will be determined as soon as the facilitator gets back to us with his schedule)

Jan. TBD;  Feb. TBD;  March TBD

High school teachers- interested? Contact Martha Bogart if you’d like to participate!  Martha’s phone number is 314-692-1258 and her e-mail is mbogart@csd.org.