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Registration Open for CharacterPlus Preconference Workshops

The CharacterPlus National Conference preconference workshops take place June 16, 2014. The conference offers two, full-day workshops.

precons c+CharacterPlus Bullying Prevention
CharacterPlus Bullying Prevention is a whole-school, whole-child approach based on years of experience in positive school climate and the research of Stan Davis and Charisse Nixon. This workshop explores strategies and skills that develop a culture of allies among students. Davis provides a rubric-based system we will share to respond to harmful peer actions consistently. Examples from area schools will guide participants in developing their own action plan.

Character Education and the Common Core Standards
Experienced educators will share how they have successfully integrated character education into Common Core State Standards. Learn how to adapt best practices and align them to meet your needs. Walk away with lesson plans in English Language Arts, Literacy and Math that will better prepare students for success in school and beyond.

Pre-Conference Fees June 16 [fee includes one meal and free parking]

CharacterPlus Bully Prevention
member $149, non-member $169

Character Education & the Common Core State Standards
member $149, non-member $169

Take a Character Education Field Trip

characterplus 25 yearsJoin CHARACTERplus for a field trip to three award-winning elementary schools:

9:50 AM: Ross Elementary, Parkway School District • National School of Character 2012
Principal: Dr. Lisa Luna. See the way 450 students representing more than 25 different countries are greeted as they arrive and how they have come to feel a valued part of one community, characterized by the touchstone “Belonging, Believing, Becoming.” Join students for their Morning Meeting, and as they guide us on a tour of not only the building but the Guiding Lights and opportunities for leadership that distinguish Ross:
• Extensive club involvement
• Pilot in Gender-specific classrooms
• Service Learning

11 AM: Independence Elementary, Francis Howell School District • MO School of Character 2013 
Principal: Emily Allen. Learn first-hand about Independence’s:
• Town Hall meetings
• Braiding of Character and PBS
• Conflict Resolution & Role Playing
• SAIL team (vertical staff leadership)
• Open-ended class meetings
• CREW Mates (buddies) and Service
• Bullying Prevention Committee
• How 91% of students came to believe adults would help them if they were mistreated by peers and 94% felt they had choices in the classroom

​2 PM:​ Babler Elementary, Rockwood School District • National School of Character 2011
Principal: Dr. Diane Metz. See the touchstone “Dream, Believe, Achieve” as it explored through:
• Staff book studies and articulated by students’ goal-setting
• Conflict resolution
• PALS peer tutoring
• Character fitness
• Kagan cooperating learning experiences

​Monday, February 25, 2015 | 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. ​
Lunch: $10 Please bring cash or check made payable to CSD ​
Board Mid-America Bus at Cooperating School Districts • 1460 Craig Rd.

​Fees: CHARACTERplus Members: Free Click here for a list of Members  | Non-Members: $200 | Questions? Contact characterplus@csd.org. | Register online | CHARACTERplus is a program of Cooperating School Districts.

CHARACTERplus National Character Education Conference Call for Proposals

[December 12 EDIT: the submission deadline is extended to January 30]
CHARACTERplus‘ 19th National Character Education Conference takes place June 17-19, 2013 at the St. Charles Convention Center. Character Education is the core to student academic achievement, building a positive school climate and developing caring and productive citizens. Cooperating School Districts is seeking proposals from educators for the summer conference. Be a part of positively changing conference participants world – the call for proposals  is now open!  The deadline to submit proposals is December 10, 2012; presenters receive a reduced rate to attend the conference.

•School Climate/Culture
•Bullying Prevention
•Service Learning
•Unity/Team Building Activities-Building Relationships
•Staff Buy-in/How to Lead Change
•Curriculum Integration
•Student Leadership/Empowerment
•Research/Data Driven Decision Making
•Global Issues
•Community Partners
•State Standards | Common Core
•Academic Achievement
•Social & Emotional Learning
•Strategies for Pre-Service Teachers
•Intrinsic Motivation

If you have any questions about content, contact Suzy Ward at sward@csd.org. For assistance with submitting your proposal, contact Karen Vaughan at kvaughan@csd.org.