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February 2014 Top Reads

Kevin Honeycutt, Will BlaylockThe Connected Classroom is the EducationPlus Learning Division blog. Here are the top five most visited posts for the past month – did you contribute to the clicks?

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Preparing All Students for the Future

I had a great PD session with educators from the Brentwood School District yesterday! (The district’s motto is “Preparing All Students for the Future” – I liked it so much that’s what I titled this post). We had a good mix of elementary thru high school teachers, as well as administrators on all levels. They were ready to learn about videoconferencing and New Links to New Learning- they had questions for me right at the start. I told the group that I was pretty sure I’d answer all their questions during the course of my presentation (and I think I did). A couple teachers had participated in a videoconference before, but for most, it seemed to be a new technology. We connected from the high school to McGrath Elementary to demonstrate the ease of making a v/c call. I told the group about New Links membership, about videoconferencing resources, and what I do for them- find, coordinate, and schedule videoconferences on their behalf. This group seemed especially keen on collaborative efforts, which is definitely an area of distance learning I’d like to promote.

Thanks to the faculty for inviting me to their school to share my “expertise.” This morning when I got to my desk, I had my first research request from the district. Yeah!