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what do you see in the mirror?

Just a reminder that Healthy Kids | Healthy Classrooms (formerly our Mental Health Series) is a professional development videoconference series for K-12 educators. Join us on December 15th for “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” Body Image and Youth.

At the end of this presentation over videoconference, educators will understand the following:

  • Understand factors that affect self-perception and body image
  • Understand risks of negative body image in youth
  • Identify ways school staff can empower youth to form a more positive body image.

This interactive videoconference will last 1 hour; for New Links to New Learning members, the fee is just $25! Non-members pay $85 per site. There is no limit to the number of participants per site. The videoconference starts after school at 3:30 p.m. central. School-Community Health Educator Stephanie Margolis of BJC will present. Questions on this professional development workshop? Contact Rebecca Morrison. Please register for this professional development session by December 10.

Next Mental Health Videoconference – November 12

Sign up today for  Autism Spectrum Disorders on November 12 @ 4 pm CT: Autism is the third most common developmental disorder in the United States. It affects 1:150 individuals and its cause remains unknown. Research today is focused on early diagnosis and intervention. This 1 hour presentation will provide an overview of autism spectrum disorders, current controversies in the headlines, goals for symptom management, identification of available treatment options, and resources. Presented by Brenda A. Brown, MSN, CPNP, Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Email Rebecca Morrison at Cooperating School Districts by November 9 if you want to participate in this professional development session for K-12 educators. New Links members get this program free, non members pay just $85.

The Effects of Media on Gender Identity Videoconference

The first Mental Health Series Videoconference is coming up in a couple weeks! New Links members, you get this program for free. Nonmembers pay $85/site for the professional development from BJC School Outreach & Youth Development. Sign up by October 6 with Rebecca Morrison.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 4 p.m. CT:
Superheroes & Princesses- The Effects of Media on Gender Identity
Flickr Creative Commons - by woodleywonderworksMedia is the vehicle of pop culture. Music, television, internet, video games, and movies spend billions of dollars to grab the attention of young people.  In the meantime, these forms of media send powerful messages about what it means to be cool, attractive, and even male or female. Learn current research on the effects of media on gender roles from preschool to high school and how simple classroom discussions can help empower young people to understand their own gender identity.


DECEMBER 2010 NOTE: looking for feedback on these programs! Please answer a few questions for us so we can bring you professional development that meets your needs.

Identifying Bullying At Home

Mental Health vc The big question in Thursday’s Mental Health videoconference seemed to be how to identify sibling bullying versus sibiling rivalry. BJC’s Lynne Lang tackled the topic, and also discussed how children bullied by their siblings can often become the school yard bully. Lynne Lynne Lang PowerPoint slideconnected live from CSD to Lafayette High School in the Rockwood School District and with El Paso Independent School District. She also had one in-house participant. Lynne offered advice for parents, schools, and educators on how to identify and deal with bullying (on several levels).

Making the Connection: Bullying PD

by Steven FernandezIn a series of videoconferences offered by Cooperating School Districts, educational staff  learn about various mental health issues in children & adolescents from professionals at BJC Healthcare. Take a look at causes, treatment, and how to access mental health professionals if you spot children in your classrooms whom you feel need help. Sessions meet 4-5:00 pm CT; free to New Links members; $85 for non-members. Contact Rebecca Morrison at CSD if you are interested at rmorrison@csd.org. Thursday, March 12 is the last session of the 2008-09 school year, and the topic is Peer Bullying/Sibling Bullying – Making the Connection. Here’s what will be covered by presenter Lynne Lang: discover the connection between sibling and peer abuse during this interactive videoconference; learn to identify and address troubling behaviors that may be affecting your classroom climate. To sign up for this program-it’s next week- contact Rebecca by Monday, March 9.

bySteven Fernandez on Flickr’s Creative Commons