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A Menu Sampling

Author and former teacher Carolyn Lesser has created a new menu of interactive videoconference programs for New Links to New Learning! Here are just a few of the new videoconference opportunities with Carolyn. The others will be up soon. Contact the Virtual Learning Center for costs and scheduling – all programs are upon request. Carolyn works with students second grade and up.

Writing Nature Prose or Poetry
Session #1… 45 minute conference/call from teachers to plan for students
Session #2… 50 minute interactive presentation & student assignment given
Session #3… 50 minute interactive reading/positive feedback to student-read work

  • Sessions will concentrate on nature writing specific to relevant curriculum
  • We will connect science with the writing/research process in prose or poetry
  • Research will be stressed for scientific accuracy for topics
  • Teacher input is very important…come to conference call with ideas
  • Carolyn will engage students with enthusiasm for her nonfiction process

Multigenre Nonfiction Writing
Session #1… 45 minute conference call from teachers to plan for students
Session #2… 60 minute interactive presentation & student assignment given
Session #3… 60 minute interactive reading/positive feedback to student-read

  • Teacher input/requests/goals discussed in the conference call
  • Each nonfiction topic will be written in poetry, prose, letter, journal entry, dialogue, newspaper article, broadcast, report, etc.  
  • My professional nonfiction writing process tailored & relevant to specific curriculum, teacher requests, goals
  • Specific writing topics chosen by teachers/students
  • Time will be taken each session for student questions
  • Each session will be full of inspiration, enthusiasm, and positive feedback

Crafting a Play
Session #1… 60 minute conference with teachers to plan for students
Session #2… 60 minute presentation & student assignment given
Session #3… 60 minute presentation of scenes from students’ plays… feedback to and from group

  • Professional play-writing, techniques presented
  • Teacher input/requests/goals discussed in the teacher conference
  • Curriculum for the basis of the plays discussed with teachers
  • Topics chosen by teachers/students
  • Time for student questions in each session
  • All sessions interactive

¿Cómo se dice Reading, Writing & Computer Graphics Fun en español?

A really popular New Links to New Learning videoconference  session this school year is the one hour Reading, Writing  and Computer Graphics Fun with Author/Computer  Illustrator Bill Dallas Lewis. Bill shares with students that  he went to school where Dr. Seuss went to school. He  explains how he read all he could about Dr. Seuss, learning about writing. Bill then graphically takes students through the writing process and the rewriting process. Finally, he demonstrates how he uses state of the art, computer graphics applications that can make any thing look real, from image manipulation, to animation, to sound. Bill emphasizes to students that he has all of this fun because he reads lots of books. In addition, Bill does all of this from him home office in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

I recently asked Bill what he liked best about this videoconference, and here is his response:

“It’s a really fun session.  Most teachers send me pictures of their students and teachers.  I use these images in the session and manipulate the images in PhotoShop, and animate the images in Flash. One of the most fun parts of the session is showing the students how sound can be brought into a presentation with drums, bass and background using copy and paste methods, almost just like in image manipulation programs.”

Each one hour is just $175 (New Links members, you pay only $150). I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback on Bill’s programs. Contact me if you are interested in signing your class up (Bill works with grades 2-12) for this interactive videoconference. For more info on Bill, visit his website: http://www.sillybilly.com/.

Connecting, Writing, Global Warming

 tarmigan_air.jpg starfish.jpg Author Carolyn Lesser connected today and will connect Friday to Linda Altoonian’s writing class in Arlington, Texas. Topic: global warming.  Carolyn and Linda have videoconferenced together, through CSD, for several years now and have formed a great friendship. 

Carolyn has customized a series of videoconferences for Linda, talking about global warming, in the form of a press conference.  Students will ask Carolyn a series of questions and from that interview process write an article, which they will then share with Carolyn on Friday, for her critique.  Carolyn takes a great deal of time to research any topic she will present on, and I saw the files she brought in for this presentation.  She has traveled extensively and has experiences in many of the places she talks about.  The students better be ready for a wealth of information!  I’ll let you know what Carolyn says about the videoconferences. If this is something you are interested in for your class, contact me at rmorrison@csd.org and we’ll get you connected, too.

Carolyn Lesser Explores

 Author and explorer Carolyn Lesser videoconferences with students!  Join Carolyn as she takes your students around the world, using her wonderful touch to teach your students how to explore… and write!  Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Carolyn connects over videoconference from Cooperating School Districts to classrooms all over the country- let yours be next! For more information about Carolyn’s interactive videoconfereces, visit this link.carolyn-and-jellyfish.jpg home_15.jpg   Carolyn is the author of several books, including The Goodnight Circle; Great Crystal Bear; Dig Hole, Soft Mole; and What a Wonderful Day to be a Cow. She has videoconferenced with elementary thru high school students, and caters to teachers’ specific curricular requests. Prices for her programs vary; contact Rebecca at rmorrison@csd.org for more details.

Missouri author talks with middle school students

Today author Barri L. Bumgarner  visited CSD and connected to Saeger Middle School in the Francis Howell School District to talk about bullying, school violence, and her book, Dregs.  Dregs, published in 2007 by Tigress Press, is the story of  two brothers in different social circles, and how one aims to change his social standing.




The videoconference was awesome! Barri is friendly, open, and frank. She reported that she got great feedback from the participating students.  Barri is the author of several books, and during the videoconference, the students asked about making a career out of being an author.  Barri said she was inspired by Stephen King, as well as got angry when a rash of school violence broke out in the late 1990s. It is interesting to hear the different things that spark a person’s imagination!

St. Louis folks, she will be doing a book signing at Left Bank Books in the Central West End in a few weeks- look for updates on that. You can visit Barri’s blog by clicking on her name above.