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Invite Author Amy E. Sklansky Into Your Classroom

march sklanskyAmy’s distance learning programs through Cooperating School Districts, including full descriptions, including costs and standards covered, can be found at: www.cilc.org.

  • INSIDE A POET’S MIND (Grades 2 – 5) Peek inside the mind of a published poet as Amy shares poems from her books and discusses the various places a poet finds inspiration and the different forms poetry can take. Grades 3 and up have the option of writing a poem during the session.
  • WHERE DO CHICKS COME FROM?: Author Visit and Eggs-periments  (Grades K – 2) Learn what happens inside an egg from fertilization through hatching as Amy uses her book to outline stages of writing: research, revisions, artist’s sketches, etc.  She also performs hands-on eggs-periments that reinforce the scientific method.
  • COOKING A BOOK (Grades 1 – 3) Meet Amy as she puts on a chef’s hat and coat to “cook” a book. Help her put inspiration, drafts, revisions, pencil sketches, and more into her cooking pot as she explains how an author’s idea becomes a published book.
  • FROM INSPIRATION TO BOOKSTORE SHELF (Grades 3 – 6) Work together to learn where an author gets her ideas and how she crafts them into a book. Amy offers ideas around these questions and shares examples from all seven of her books.

“Mrs. Sklansky was engaging and really helped the students get excited about writing not just poetry, but all kinds of writing.”

The Many Hats of Author Barri Bumgarner

Author Barri Bumgarner currently is a content provider for Cooperating School Districts’ New Links distance learning program. For 2011-2012, Barri’s videoconferences will be available upon request. For costs, email Rebecca Morrison at CSD. Here are the interactive writing videoconferences she’s offering upon request for middle school & high school classes:

“Let’s Get Digital”: Teaching today should embrace technology when it works for a unit, not just for technology sake. This interactive workshop, with students in a computer lab or with laptops, will demonstrate how to tell a story digitally, using free PC software. We assume kids are tech-savvy, when in reality, they only know the technologies they’re surrounded by everyday (Facebook, texting, gaming). Enticing students to tell a story digitally will open up the world of research, creativity, and show them that they can express themselves in a variety of ways with the world at their fingertips. Join author Barri L. Bumgarner in an interactive workshop that will teach students and teachers the possibilities with digital software.

“Soundtracks of Our Lives”: Let your students explore their lives through the lens of songs. In this session, students will listen to songs during a modeling session, consider the stages of their own lives, and illustrate each with a song that fits that portion of their lives. This interactive session will let students self-evaluate, use media to accentuate their writing, and see the value of technology in the writing world. Join author Barri L. Bumgarner in an interactive workshop that will allow students to see themselves through the eyes of music.

“The Many Hats We Wear: Getting Inspired to Write What You Know”:  Tapping into inspiration for students is often as easy as helping them figure out who they are when they write… and can they change “hats” to write something different? This session will help students explore their many inspirations and find out how differently they can write when they don different hats. Join author Barri L. Bumgarner in an interactive workshop that will motivate kids to self-reflect, write, and explore the nuances of who they are when they write.

“Crime Scene Analysis”: The focus is on a writing exercise designed to be creative, deductive, and interactive. This writing workshop videoconference is for 8-12 grades. Students will see a portion of an episode of CSI. After viewing the initial “crime scene footage,” each writer will play investigator through a variety of interviews. Once they conducted each of their interviews, students will then write their version of what happened. Join author Barri L. Bumgarner in an interactive workshop that will get their creative and analytical juices flowing!

St. Louis Author Carolyn Lesser Continues to Connect

All of author Carolyn Lesser’s videoconference programs are available upon date request, but preferred connection times include: Teacher sessions at 4 pm CT | Student sessions at either 9 or 11 am CT. She works with third grade and up.

Carolyn, a former classroom teacher and veteran presenter over distance learning, is the author of books including Great Crystal Bear, a lyrical natural science book that follows the polar bear through all seasons and reveals his wisdom and resilience in a stark and beautiful Arctic environment (illustrated by Bill Noonan) and Spots: Counting Creatures from Sky to Sea, a natural science book about spotted creatures and the ten biomes they inhabit. It’s an early counting book with a glossary to spark the imagination of older readers (illustrated by Laura Regan).

She offers three-part interactive sessions which include professional development for participating teachers; the last two sessions are with the students. Selections include:

•  Custom-designed writing program   •  Writing Nonfiction Prose or Poetry
•  Writing Nature Prose or Poetry   •  Multi-genre Nonfiction Writing

Each session is full of inspiration, enthusiasm, and positive feedback! Carolyn Lesser will engage students with enthusiasm for her nonfiction process. For more information, including scheduling & program fees, contact Rebecca Morrison.

James Otis Thach Author Visit

We’re thankful this week to be able to announce the return of author James Otis Thach to Cooperating School Districts for two videoconferences this December! James is a St. Louis native and the author of A Child’s Guide to Common Household Monsters, The Tickle Monster is Coming and his latest, The Seal Pup. James was raised in Clayton and attended Glenridge Elementary.

This free, one hour videoconference is for elementary students. James Otis Thach will read from his book, The Seal Pup.  The story follows the quest of a lone seal, trying to reunite with his herd.  James will also talk about the true story than inspired the book, and about the long journey of making a book.  He will also share related videos, and invite the kids to use their research and library skills to find the documentary the book is based upon.

There is limited space available for these multipoint, interactive videoconferences, so please reserve your classroom’s spot early. There is a limit of 35 students per site; we are accepting four interactive sites per videoconference.  Available times on Tuesday, December 20th include:

• 9 am CST for kindergarten, first and second grade classes
• 10:30 am CST for third, fourth and fifth grade classes

Participating schools also receive a free copy of The Seal Pup, signed by James. Happy Holidays!

and the videoconference goes to…

Thanks to those who submitted their name to win a free videoconference from Amy Sklansky. Congrats to our winner, who now can bring this bestselling St. Louis author into her classroom via distance learning– at no cost (she will choose a session over videoconferencing or Skype). She will get to select from Amy’s four distance learning programs: Cooking a Book; Author Visit and Eggs-periments Videoconferences; Inside a Poet’s Mind; or Amy’s new program, From Inspiration to Bookstore Shelf. Click on the image to see the video of Amy drawing the winning educator’s name!