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Here’s the Debut of the 2014 Show-Me a Movie Winners!

Thank you all who had students submit 130 movies to the 2014 Show-Me a Movie Contest! Choosing the winners in each category was a difficult task for the panel of judges, who spent a full day reviewing the movies, entry forms and student reflections. The winning movies will be shown at the Midwest Education Technology Community Conference on February 10th. Congratulations to the following movies, our winning science, technology, engineering, math and art-themed submissions:

Makey Makey Still
Still from Makey-Makey by Warren Elementary students


Show-Me a Story  Francis Howell’s Sawmill
John Weldon Elementary, Francis Howell School District
Sponsor Marcia Riley

Show-Me Something New  Makey-Makey
Warren Elementary, Francis Howell School District
Sponsor Missy Kelly

Show-Me Your Creativity  Using Recycled Materials to Make a Checker Board
Buder Elementary School, Ritenour School District
Sponsors Janel Hubbard, Christine Phillips

Middle School

Show-Me a Challenge  Girls in STEM
Orchard Farm Middle School, Orchard Farm School District
Sponsor Heather Hinze

Show-Me Your Community   Using Art in the Real World
LaSalle Springs Middle School, Rockwood School District
Sponsor Rebecca Schweizer

Show-Me Your Creativity   Fluorescent vs Incandescent Light Bulbs
LaSalle Springs Middle School, Rockwood School District
Sponsor Rebecca Schweizer

High School

Show-Me a Challenge  Distractive Driving Campaign
Liberty High School, Wentzville School District
Sponsor Molly Kleiber

Show-Me Your Creativity  Les Fleurs de la Vie
Francis Howell Central High School, Francis Howell School District
Sponsor Michelle McCune

Thanks to our judges who took the time to review the movies. Also, thank you to our sponsors: EducationPlus, Fontbonne University, Kikkerland Design Inc., Lindenwood University and St. Louis County Library.

NEW CLASS: Tracking Student Learning with VoiceThread

Tracking Student Learning with VoiceThread
Date: June 17 from  8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Cost: $138 CSD member; $214 non-member  (One Graduate Credit Available)
Location: Cooperating School Districts, 1460 Craig Rd
voiceethread screenshot
A VoiceThread is a free, online, collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to leave comments in 4 ways – using voice, text, audio file, or video.  VoiceThread can be used for assessment, foreign language, field trips, art, language arts, social studies, math and science.  In the VoiceThread environment, students and teachers can safely share their voices on the global stage.  In this class, participants will create a project using photos and audio commenting using VoiceThread to document student learning across several content areas.  Learn how this multi-media free resource can be used in your classroom!

Inside the Artist’s Studio: Marvelous Metals

In this HEC-TV videoconference, interact with metalsmith Michael Gleeson as he creates pieces of jewelry inspired by his interests in architecture and science fiction. Working with titanium and sterling silver, Michael will demonstrate the process used to execute his finished pieces. The program will begin with Michael sharing a finished piece of jewelry he has created. Students will then be able to interact as he demonstrates the steps it took to create that work. Students will be able to ask their questions about his torch work, the anodizing process, cutting techniques, the use of cold connections and hot connections, and the kinds of metals used as they see the piece come to life before their eyes. Students will also see examples of Michael’s other work, both in jewelry and other forms. We’ll explore the big questions: Where do ideas for art come from? How is inspiration transformed into a piece of art? How are metals used to create works of art? What techniques are available for the metals artist? Ask your additional questions as you watch Michael at work. There is no maximum number of participants, however, for optimum interactivity, we suggest no more than 1 class or two classes combined. Cost for this interactive videoconference is FREE! Sign up here for the January 15 program! Times: 10-11 am CST or 1-2 pm CST.

1. The participant will explore the nature of “metalsmithing” and “metal arts” and his/her reaction to it.
2. The participant will engage in a discussion about the methods of artistic expression in “metal arts.”
3. The participant will interact with artistic works and engage in critical evaluation of the pieces explored.