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Cooking Show in the Distance Learning Room Today

What's Cooking, Amy?

Today author Amy Sklansky put on a chef’s hat & coat and “cooked” a book – three times for students at New Hope Elementary in Pennsylvania!

Into her large cooking pot went inspiration, rough drafts, revisions, pencil sketches, and more as she explained how an author’s idea becomes a published book. Amy used her fifth book, The Duck Who Played the Kazoo, as her primary example during this interactive videoconference.

This 45 minute videoconference is for students in grades 1st through 3rd. The participants interact with an author and develop an appreciation for both the creative writing and the publishing process during this interactive program.


Eggs-ordinary Videoconferences from New Links

Earlier this week, New Links author Amy Sklansky demonstrates during her Eggs-periments videoconference the strength of eggs


This Morning in the Virtual Learning Center…

… Amy Sklansky talks eggs over videoconference, Martha Bogart teaches Advanced SMART Board in the TELE:

… see more photos on our Flickr page.

New Links Authors to Speak at Conference

Next week at the 2011 Midwest Education Technology Conference, you’ll have a chance to see two New Links to New Learning authors present. Barri Bumgarner (top, left) and Amy Sklansky (top, right) will share their expertise in topics that include digital storytelling and interactive H323 videoconferencing. Barri presents Wednesday morning, Amy presents Wednesday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing them!

What does an Amy Sklansky Videoconference Look Like?

Author Amy Sklansky offers three videoconferences through New Links to New Learning. Here are some photos taken over the last couple of years showing what takes place during her programs. To sign up for any of her programs, contact Rebecca Morrison at Cooperating School Districts: rmorrison@csd.org.