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New Videoconference Lesson on Building the Erie Canal

Here’s a new videoconference from the Albany Institute of History & Art:

Building the Erie Canal
(for grades 3-8th)
Using primary documents and works of art, this videoconference will help students look back in time to understand the work that went into building the Erie Canal and the natural and political barriers that were overcome to accomplish its construction.  The lesson will also examine the importance of the Erie Canal for trade and transportation throughout the country. Cost: $125.00

During these videoconferences, New York State certified teachers use objects, images and inquiry-based teaching methods to engage students in lessons that focus on art and history. Students are active participants in the lesson; they observe, analyze and express their ideas about objects and images presented.

To schedule contact the Institute’s Barbara Collins at (518) 463-4478, ext. 405 or by e-mail at collinsb@albanyinstitute.org. New Links members, contact me, Rebecca Morrison, to sign up.

Busy Week for New Links Schools

Ozzie Smith from Baseball Hall of FameWow! What a variety of programming New Links to New Learning schools selected for this week to connect over videoconference. Here’s a breakdown of the diverse collection:

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: Jambo Means Hello
Center for Puppetry Arts: Plants

three NASA programs: Living and Working in Space (x2!) and Craters
National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum: Science of Baseball

Pro Football Hall of Fame: Media and the NFL

Lee Richardson Zoo: Home Sweet  Home
Albany Institute of History & Art: The Civil War

NASA: Living and Working in Space

Up next week… more from the Baseball Hall of Fame and NASA, plus a connection with author Amy Sklansky!