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Distance Learning Open House on Tuesday, October 18

Are you interested in distance learning, but not really sure where to start? Have you been participating in distance learning events, but are interested in learning more? You & your colleagues are  invited to attend an Open House at Cooperating School Districts (1460 Craig Road in Creve Coeur) on Tuesday, October 18, 2011. This free event, taking place between 2 and 6 o’clock, is open to K-12 educators interested in learning more and videoconferencing, Skype and other online collaborations.

At this Open House, you’ll have an opportunity to talk to content providers*, other educators interested in distance learning, and you will have an opportunity to win prizes like an iPod, Starbucks gift certificates and more!

* Content providers currently scheduled to participate include:
• Robert Powell from the Challenger Learning Center- St. Louis
• Paul Steensland from the St. Louis County Library
• Ray Vollmer from Saint Louis University’s Adventures in Medicine and Science
• Tim Gore from HEC-TV Live!
• Amy E. Sklansky, St. Louis children’s author
• Roxanne Glaser and Shane Howard from Whirlidurb

Feel free to stop by when you are available; we will have light refreshments, conversation, and videoconferencing demonstrations taking place throughout the afternoon. We’re asking for attendees to RSVP so we can look forward to seeing you! Questions about the event? Contact Rebecca Morrison at rmorrison@csd.org.

Ruth Litman-Block Retires

At the end of June, Ruth Litman-Block retired as Director of the Virtual Learning Center of Cooperating School Districts. Ruth started working  at Cooperating School Districts in 1998 as the manager of a grant CSD received from Southwestern Bell to integrate two-way interactive videoconferencing into schools in the St. Louis metro area.  To accomplish this purpose, she developed New Links to New Learning, our videoconferencing program.  Videoconferences she helped develop include the distance learning programs of Adventures in Medicine and Science (AIMS), our three-part author series, dual credit high school classes over videoconference in collaboration with St. Louis Community College, and the ACT prep class over videoconference we offer annually.

Since 1998, New Links has connected thousands of St. Louis area students to videoconferences with authors, experts and content providers from around the world. In 2009, New Links to New Learning was honored as a Laureate by The Computerworld Honors Program after being nominated by Polycom, Inc. The Computerworld Honors Program recognizes individuals and organizations that use information technology to benefit society.

In 2001, Ruth became the Director of the VLC. During her tenure as Director, Ruth obtained almost a million dollars in equipment donations and grants for CSD. As part of her own professional development, she became a SMART certified trainer, eMINTS  PD4ETS trainer, and an Intel trainer. In addition, Ruth holds Master degrees in English and Adult Education. Ruth feels that preparing teachers to move  students to higher achievement levels by integrating rich technology lessons into their classroom practices is vital for success in our schools. She will continue to work with the VLC part-time for the 2010-2011 school year, so she she will be around CSD.

Congrats to Ruth Litman-Block for a job well done in her 12 years in the Virtual Learning Center!

Aim for these Videoconferences!

aims_logoSaint Louis University’s Adventures in Medicine and Science was created so students could enrich their scientific learning. Videoconferences introduce students to human anatomy, stimulate awareness of good health practices, provide information about injury prevention and lead students to a better understanding of career choices in medicine. Experts guide students in the following topics over interactive v/c: You Are What You Eat: Teen Nutrition; Dental Health: Disease & Injury, Prevention and Treatment; Organ Transplant.

Programs can be scheduled upon request. Preferred days are Thursdays & Fridays:
* General Cadaver Demo – Students participate in an interactive cadaver demo.
* Forensic Autopsy Demonstration – Students participate in an interactive cadaver demo. The demo will discuss the basic procedure of a cadaver demo, during which the principles of objectivity, scientific method & evidence gathering will be outlined.
* General Sports Medicine Demonstration – Students participate in an interactive cadaver demo that will outline most of the common sports injuries of the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle. Basic principles of injury management will also be discussed.
* Dissections: Pig Heart, Sheep Brain

Select from two starting times, 9:00 am or 10:15 am CT; elementary programs are 45 minutes, middle and high school programs are an hour; New Links members get a discounted rate | Non-members: $200 for virtual field trips; $225 for cadaver demos.

And…. congratulations…. AIMS was honored in the 2008-09 school year with a Pinnacle Award from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration for distance learning programs, finishing second in ratings from among 160 content providers. This award, presented annually, is based on teacher evaluations submitted through the CILC website and recognizes outstanding performance by a content provider.

trucking along

AIMS-Howe Slide

Yesterday Tandberg held its Technology Tailgate at Saint Louis University, home of the Adventures in Medicine and Science (AIMS) program. Faculty and students from Howe, Oklahoma, on their way to NECC, shared the success of their videoconferencing program at their school. Not only do they connect to virtual field trips with content providers, they create content to share with other schools. (The students were excited, too, to tour the SLU facility and meet AIMS presenter Ray Vollmer in person, who they had connect to over videoconference earlier in the school year).

Kane Seifert

In addition, Tandberg grant services connected over videoconference from Plano, Texas, to share information and tips on obtaining grants to help fund distance learning programs.

Kane Seifert of Tandberg also showed off the truck, which is outfitted with the latest in vc technology.

Enhance any science curriculum!

Lisa Suggs and Ray Vollmer
Lisa Suggs and Ray Vollmer

Cooperating School Districts and Saint Louis University’s AIMS program have worked together over the past several years- you can see Lisa Suggs and Ray Vollmer at the Midwest Education Technology Conference later this month, in fact.  AIMS provides really great health and science videoconferences for students in elementary school through high school. From the website:

“AIMS (Adventures in Medicine and Science) provides distance learning presentations through a state-of-the-art high definition video conferencing system. The AIMS Virtual Anatomy Classroom provides hands-on interactive field trips designed to enhance any science curriculum.

The AIMS distance learning programs will be broadcast in high-definition. Please contact Ray Vollmer at 314-977-7377 to arrange your programs on most Thursdays and Fridays at Central Standard time.”

Topics that AIMS covers include: Teen Nutrition and Health; Organ Transplants; Pig Heart Dissections; plus more. This school year, they added a high definition videoconference system into the winning formula! If you haven’t participated in an AIMS videoconference, you’ve missed out. There is time left this school year to book a program! Don’t delay! (And New Links members, you get a discount)…