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Do you know what type of digital footprint you are creating?

Digital Citizenship WorkshopDo you know what type of digital footprint you are creating?  Anyone using the web or a mobile device leaves a digital footprint.  We teach our children how to be safe within the physical community, but what about norms for appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use?  Because of AUPs and guidelines for Best Practices, school leaders are faced with creating policies that students can follow and teachers can support. As educators, we must prepare students to live in a world without physical boundaries and help them learn how to work with others, virtually or otherwise.

Each year, Digital Citizenship – It’s Common Sense is a popular selection amongst our offerings. In this workshop today and tomorrow, lead by Linda Dougherty, participants will explore the nine elements of Digital Citizenship: Access, Commerce, Communication, Literacy, Etiquette, Law, Rights & Responsibilities, Health & Wellness, and Security.

ACCESS for ELLs Test Administration Refresher

Today at CSD, Marlow Barton and Debra Cole (pictured) are offering professional development on World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment Consortium (WIDA) and Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language Learners (or, ACCESS for ELLs). ACCESS for ELLs is a large-scale language proficiency assessment given to kindergarten through 12th graders who have been identified as English language learners. It is given annually in WIDA Consortium member states (like Missouri) to monitor students’ progress in acquiring academic English.

In the full-day professional development session, participants- anyone administering the ACCESS, or is new to the field of ELL- will review and have time for question and answer sessions on:

• the test & materials
• test distribution & security
• administration of the four parts
• rating the open-ended speaking test
• kindergarten administration

Coming up in January, Marlow and Debra will hold two other WIDA professional development sessions: Introduction to the Missouri (WIDA) ELD (English Language Development) Standards on January 14, and CLIMBS: Content and Language Integration as a Means of Bridging Success on January 29th. CLIMBS stands for Content and Language Integration as a Means of Bridging Success; the January session is the first of five. The other dates include: Monday, March 11; Thursday, March 28; Tuesday, April 30; Tuesday, May 28. All sessions are still accepting registrations and you can enroll online.

Learn more about MELL, the Missouri Migrant Education and English Language Learning (MELL) program, at www.csd.org.