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Technology Usage Continues to Increase in Higher Education – In and Out of Class

flickr creative commons laptopA new report from market research company re:fuel indicates the number of college students taking at least one online course nearly doubled over the last five years. The 2013 College Explorer report was based on responses from 1,528 current college students taking at least one course on a physical campus.

Students also are bringing more devices onto campus, according to the survey, at an average of 6.9 each; laptops are the most commonly owned device (85 percent) among students who responded, with smartphones in second place at 69 percent. Other findings of the report include:

  • Ownership of tablets and electronic readers is increasing, however, printed textbooks still dominate, making up 59 percent of the textbooks responding students bought
  • Forty-seven percent said they use a laptop regularly for taking notes in class, though pen and paper is still more popular for that task, with 79 percent saying they use those tools more typically
  • Students who responded to the survey reported spending an average of 14.4 hours multitasking across their various devices, with much of that time spent looking for or consuming entertainment

To read the full article on the report, visit Other statistics shared include use of social media sites; Google+ was the only social network included in the survey to show a decline in use, while Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter increased.

Missouri’s Assistive Technology Resource

For over two decades, Missouri Assistive Technology (MoAT) has provided school districts with knowledge, devices and services in the arena of assistive technology. MoAT Programs such as ETC and AT Reimbursement have enabled thousands of students with disabilities access to assistive devices they have used to unlock the curriculum and achieve academically.

Presenter David Baker is a program coordinator at Missouri Assistive Technology | Emphasis will be placed on the increasing use of tablet devices as assistive technology

This professional development session on Thursday, February 28, 2013 will provide participants with a hands-on update focused on the latest trends and devices in assistive technology. Emphasis will be placed on the increasing use of tablet devices as assistive technology. In addition, time will be given to helping participants understand MoAT programs and services and how to access them to better serve the individuals they work with. CSD is accepting registrations until February 21 online. For questions on this upcoming PD, contact Laurie Milburn at

Updated Info on July Workshops

Click on the image below to read the latest VLC Newsletter in its entirety- plenty of info on what we’re offering this summer and some great deals on professional development are included.

June Instructional Technology Workshops offered by Cooperating School Districts

Check out the latest Constant Contact from the Virtual Learning Center! We’ve shared out our June selections, which include:

Choosing Educator Friendly Mobile Apps on June 11  Secondary 6-12 8:30-11:30 a.m. OR Elementary PreK-5 12:30-3:30 p.m.
Android Tablet Boot Camp on June 22, 8:30-11:30
Educational Apps for Android Tablets on June 22,  12:30-3:30

CSD’s Bring Your Own Device Workshops

This summer in the tele, we have several BYOD (bring your own device – iPad, tablet, laptop, etc.) workshops on the schedule. In June, there are seven workshops: Digital Age Leadership: A New Paradigm for Learning on 6/5;  Getting Organized as a 21st Century Educator with Google Tools on 6/7; Choosing Education-Friendly Apps on 6/11; Lights, Camera, Action: Creating Movies with Green Screens on 6/15; Flipping Your Classroom with Flip Cameras and Screencasting 6/21; and Android Tablet Boot Camp/Educational Apps for Android Tablets on 6/22. (For the workshops on June 21st and 22nd only, we will provide the equipment if you do not own any yourself). In July, we have just one required BYOD session- the three-day workshop entitled Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices, which takes place 7/10, 7/11 and 7/13. Of course, if you are more comfortable working on your own computer, feel free to bring it in for any professional development session we hold!