The mission of EducationPlus is to focus and mobilize the leadership, talents and resources of member districts and the region to help prepare students for success in their world.

EducationPlus is a non-profit educational service agency that brings school districts together to share resources, information and ideas through exemplary, nationally-recognized services in educational technology, cooperative purchasing, staff development and more. EducationPlus serves as a proactive voice for education.

EducationPlus is a voluntary, membership-driven organization owned and governed by 30 public school districts in the St. Louis metropolitan area. EducationPlus also serves 35 additional public school districts that are members of the organization.

The St. Louis Regional Professional Development Center operates under contract with EducationPlus, and combines EducationPlus staff development resources with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education resources. The St. Louis RPDC is one of nine regional centers created by DESE as part of the educational reform act of 1993.

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Learn more about EducationPlus at

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