Mark Your Calendars for FREE PD from the METC & Discovery Education


STEM and Computer Science – Tuesday, December 3

Join us for Ignite My Future in School – a customized in-person professional development experience brought to you by leaders at the forefront of computational thinking. Our DEXP is is designed to connect you with your fellow educators and will equip you with the tools you need to start incorporating the skills associated with computational thinking into classroom learning activities.

Makerspaces & More! – Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Come play with us in our Makerspace! What is a Makerspace, you ask? Well, there are many answers to that question. In this season, we will explore several variations on the theme, discuss ways to gather materials and equipment, showcase examples and experiences some activities.

All workshops at EducationPlus, 1460 Craig Road in St. Louis.

Find out more by contacting Nick Dawson at Discovery Education or Stephanie Madlinger at  the METC.


About educationtoday

EducationPlus is a consortium of public school districts in the St. Louis metro area and the Learning Division provides professional development to educators- public, private, or parochial in all subjects (a sampling includes Ed Tech, Character Education, Special Education, English Language Learners...) The Connected Classroom blog is a blend of all of our professional development offerings, plus resources we think you will find helpful in a K-12 setting. We also like to share resources and events from organizations and cultural institutions in the St. Louis metro area. Thanks for clicking on our blog; we encourage you to visit daily- or subscribe- and feel free to share posts via social media or comment on any post!

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