#METC17 Preconference Workshops Update- Nearing Capacity & Sold Out

Several preconference workshops are nearly capacity, with two already sold out. If you’re interested in registering for a preconference workshop, we strongly recommend that you do NOT delay your registration.

Preconference workshops are offered for those who want more in-depth instruction on specific subjects. #METC17 preconference workshops are Monday, February 13- with full day or half day workshops available.

(Workshops listed in bold italic are nearing capacity – fewer than 10 seats remain. Those struck out are sold out).

Register soon, so that you don’t miss out!

Below is the current list of available preconference workshops at #METC17.

Click the headings to read more information about each workshop.

Full Day Workshops

P01- Code Studio- K-5 Computer Science Fundamental Curriculum

P02- Robotics in the Classroom. Fewer than 10 seats remain

P03- METC Digital Learning Leadership Summit

Half Day Workshops (AM)

P04- Automating Your Workflow with Google

P05- BreakoutEDU- Fostering Creative Problem Solvers in your Classroom through Gamification of Content  This Workshop is FULL

P06- Cyber Aware School Audit: Are You Ready? Fewer than 10 seats remain

P07- Google and SAMR

P08- Google Certified Education GAFEcamp. Fewer than 10 seats remain

P09- If They Can Design It, They Can 3D Print It

P10- I Wish Google Could…

P11- Podcasting 101

P12- STEAM-Y Force & Motion

P13- WeDo 2.0 Workshop: Make Science Come to Life

Half Day Workshops (PM)

P14- Basic to Advanced Google Tools: Drawings, Forms and Slides

P15- BreakoutEDU 2.0 Building Breakouts: Creating Customized Breakouts for Your Classroom and Content. Fewer than 10 seats remain

P16- Building Capacity: Survive, Adapt & Thrive! Fewer than 10 seats remain

P17- Crack the Code: Teaching Kids to Code  This Workshop is FULL

P18- #FutureReady Librarians: Unleash the Leadership!

P19- Getting Started with Google and ISTE Standards for Primary Students

P20- High Tech & Low Tech Solutions to Closing the Feedback Loop

P21- If They Can Design It, They Can 3D Print It, part II

P22- Produce Videos with a Chromebook? Absolutely! Fewer than 10 seats remain

P23- Teaching Science and Math Through Robotics

P24- Virtual Reality in the Classroom: Create Your Own Expedition. Fewer than 5 seats remain

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