Michelle Schmitz is in the METC Spotlight

Michelle Schmitz
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We’re excited to share our MIDWEST SPOTLIGHT EDUCATOR bios on The Connected Classroom! These K-12 educators demonstrate motivation, engagement, transformation and connection while using technology to improve teaching and learning. They will share their best practices at the MIDWEST EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY COMMUNITY CONFERENCE in February. This year, we have educators from across the state of Missouri presenting. The METC 2016 MIDWEST SPOTLIGHT EDUCATORS were selected by the METC Conference committee.

Dr. Michelle Schmitz
is in her 11th year as an administrator in the Liberty Public School District. Dr. Schmitz is an elementary principal who is reimagining and rethinking education to meet the needs of today’s learner. Schmitz opened EPiC Elementary where Every Person is Inspired to Create. It is a learning environment that is re-imagining education based on three pillars: empowering creativity, equipping students and engaging communities. Dr. Schmitz believes that as we navigate through the 21st century, there is an incredible sense of urgency to foster a culture of leaders who will continue developing our complex world. It is our responsibility and obligation to teach students the acquisition process of developing new ideas and redesigning existing ideas. In its first year EPiC Elementary had over 1,500 visitors. It an environment where visitors can see “together, we can transform education.” 

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