Heather Essig is in the METC Spotlight

Heather Essig
Follow Heather on Twitter at @hessig.

We’re excited to share our MIDWEST SPOTLIGHT EDUCATOR bios on The Connected Classroom! These K-12 educators demonstrate motivation, engagement, transformation and connection while using technology to improve teaching and learning. They will share their best practices at the MIDWEST EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY COMMUNITY CONFERENCE in February. This year, we have educators from across the state of Missouri presenting. The METC 2016 MIDWEST SPOTLIGHT EDUCATORS were selected by the METC Conference committee.

Heather Essig teaches advanced placement/ college credit biology and 6th grade science at Visitation Academy, a 1:1 environment, in St. Louis, Missouri. She has created a blended classroom environment where learning is enriched by technology as students actively model, explain, experiment and explore science.  Heather is always looking for new ways to use technology to do real science investigations including robotics, computer models and bioinformatics. She is the 2015 Loeb Prize winner for Teaching Excellence in Science and Mathematics and is a member of the AP Biology Leadership Academy. Heather is the current David and Marilyn Kirk Fellow for the Washington University Institute for School Partnership.

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